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Crazy Forearm Pain


The inner part of my forearm (the side that is towards my body when my palms are facing up) is in absolutely goddamn fricken immense pain.

This probably comes from deadlifts, weighted chins, rows, and heavy biceps curls all done without straps.

Also...partial reps with 500+ pounds on the close grip bench press probably haven't helped either (I use a really really close grip, basically an inch between my arms, and my forearms always get a big pump).

Add to that striking and bjj practice every day and...you've got my forearms.

I cannot possibly stop training or reduce the loads (no really, I can't) so I want to know what I can do to that specific muscle group in order to stop the pain.

Some kind of massage, some kind of ice therapy...something.


ice, anti-inflammatories, and rest.

i wonder if you have compartment sydrome, which would be weird, as i was just messaging a friend about that very same thing earlier today.


Over 500 pounds on close grip bench press? Just how "partial" are those reps?

Anyway, giving you a monstrous benefit of the doubt... definitely do some icing after training, along with the good 'ol Omega route of dealing with inflammation.


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I have been getting the same exact pain just recently but only at the completion of a curl or the completion of a row or pullodwn, like when I'm in the peak contracted postion. I can basically only do 3/4 reps on any pulling type motions or only hammer curls for bi's. Anyone kow what this is?


They are 2 inch in lenght. That's my top weight set, after which I gradually decrease weight and just as gradually increase ROM.


Great answer, thank you.

I have a fight beginning of next month, so I cannot drop strenght training just yet (that will be a week before the fight) and I definetly cannot stop sparring/bag work.

So towel hangs...and any type of massage?


Absolutely, positively do NOT take NSAIDS. They significantly block recovery, especially by blocking COX-3. Ice and rest is the way you'll need to go unless you want to risk serious injury.


that's exactly what i was thinking. overuse can lead to compartment syndrome, though.

it's funny that i just started experiencing some pain my left forearm after some close-grip bench, about two days ago. and it's kinda bugging me.

no doubt from overuse, as you just stated.


sounds like a weird training program.


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Sounds like you don't know WTF you're talking about...


I say it's forearm splints.

Do a quick test. Go to the preacher bench when next at the gym. Curl heavy weight upwards then set it down on the bars (if it has them) If it hurts like a bitch as you release the weight then you got forearm splints. Lots of people seem to get these but never find out what they are (i.e. bone as opposed to tendon or muscle)


Yea I occasionally get this pain on the pinky side of my forearm from doing heavy weights on preacher curls. It usually occured when i fully extended. Training the forearms directly/ getting massages would probably decrease the pain and allow you to lift heavier weights


compartment syndrome can occur from anything that increases pressue within the muscles to the point that nerves and vessels are constricted .

yes, it is most common in the lower leg, but it can also occur in the arms.

it is not only caused by hypertrophy, but also by swelling that can occur in the muscle due to overuse, or swelling due to injury .

i'm sure any google search on 'compartment syndrome' will confirm this. i read about it in a sport medecine book i bought off of ebay. :-\


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