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Crazy Diet

i cant get to sleep, so i thought id work on my plan for summer eating and lifting. so i used the massive eating calculator, put in my training plan (at least 3 weekly lifts) and weight about 13st- or 170lbs, and bodyfat, which i humbly estimated at 20% (im not fat, but u can pinch a loose inch)

the calculator came up witha figure for me to ingest daily, which was about 4800 cals! so i worked out also that most lifting plans would have about 40% cals from protein, putting me at 1500+ calories from meat sources alone. does this sound right? i eat a lot of chicken anyway, probably 500g+ daily, but thats so small next to my new suggestion, which if im correct )its nearly 7 and im amnesiac) thats 1.5kg of chicken breasts/ similar a day.

does this sound right? because if i’m wrong, u may save me buying a fuckload of chicken

1500 Calories of protien is equal to 375 Grams.

Sounds about right to me. I ate 2 500g packages of chicken a day for a while (1kg/day) until I started varying my meats . Just remember to transition slowly into the new numbers… start eating that much immediately and your body will hate you. I’ve always done increases of 250cal every 2 weeks when boosting them and worked well for me. However, I don’t count calories anymore… I’ll be starting again after I visit the US for vacation.

Good luck! Dr. B rocks (check out Precision Nutrition if you haven’t yet… it’s well worth the money!)