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Crazy Day for the UFC


-Wanderlei Silva announced his retirement and blamed it squarely on the UFC's treatment of fighters

-Thiago Silva's contract was terminated AGAIN after being reinstated 2 weeks ago due to incriminating Youtube videos posted of him allegedly high on cocaine and carrying what appeared to be a concealed weapon

-Anthony Johnson suspended indefinitely due to domestic abuse allegations (this shit is getting outta hand lately)

-Somewhere there is a 6'5 Swede jumping with joy


lol Gus' prayers came true... although I feel that Gus would beat AJ.

But yea, war wand all day.
Can some rich fucker in asia please resurrect PRIDE pleeease
OneFC has the right idea, they just need the right umphhhh


Fighters who act like jackasses during there promo/exposure chance for Ultimate Brazil and then piss hot for PEDs

I am going to dime myself in. My first thought was "Isn't he BOPE(Brazilian Police Tac/Special forces)? Of course he has a concealed weapon." Then I realized that is Paulo Thiago. I would love to see the video.

Is this AJ not being able to get out of his own way, or are the charges bogus? I now sometimes accusations and PFAs get hung without cause. On the other hand this shit is totally getting "popular".

Well done.

Thanks for the updates.

I don't think either Silva is a big loss for the UFC's drawing power. Wand is past his expiration date and seems to only put on big shows agains certain types of fighters now. His grudge match with Sonnen would have been big, but he needs hype to make his fights "interesting" to the general public.

Thiago Silva was cut for a reason, twice now. He is a gatekeeper, and Jones, DC, and Gustaffson are going to be creating plenty of those.

AJ's suspension had to hurt. He is one of 3 real contenders for the LHW title(as we talked about earlier). I can see Gustafffson getting the winner of Jones vs DC, but then what? Just rotate those 3 plus Texiera? I guess that could turn into a Hagler vs Hearns vs Leonard vs Duran situation.


Robert A


Yeah, Wand retiring doesnt make me the least bit sad. He's not a particularly fun/good fighter to watch anymore and i dont buy the whole "UFC made me do it" crap. Though i do agree that UFC is more fickle with their attitude towards their fighters than MMA bandwagon jumpers are.

Thiago is another one that i could care less about. Sounds like the dude is a scumbag anyway. At least he did contribute that spectacular KO loss to Machida. Ill always have that to remember him by.

Rumble getting suspended...now that hurts. His introduction into the UFC's LHW division was just the kind of fuel i needed to really get interested in whats going on in MMA today.

He just doesnt strike me as the type, unlike Thiago Silva, who totally does seem like he'd get mixed up into some stupid shit. These are allegations from 2 years ago, that were never reported, even though he allegedly knocked 2 of her teeth out...

I have to wonder if his old lady isnt just jumping on the domestic abuse train that is so prevalent in sports right now because she thinks theres some money in it for her now that Johnson is looking to finally make it pretty big.


Well, I think that is almost certainly a factor. Now the question is "Did it happen and the recent news gaver her the prompt/stength to come forward, did something happen and she is exaggerating for perceived gain, or is she making it up out of whole cloth for malice or greed?"

I have no idea which is most likely.

I also don't know where the UFC's obligation to suspend vs take "bad guy" and market as "heel" is. The NFL is its own oversight/sanctioning body. The UFC is a promotion and has local athletic commission oversight. They could just be taking a wait and see attitude. The Phil Davis fight wasn't a buy/don't buy type of decision maker for fans, at least I don't think so. If they clear him they can plug him right into title contention without having to go through Davis.

I think you were already in the category of wanting to see him fight Jones/Gus/DC/Glover right? This may actually make that happen sooner rather than later.

Or I am just trying to be positive.


Robert A


Regardless what the angle is, im just hoping this resolves itself in a timely manner. I know Dana doesnt want to let Rumble go, and Dana usually gets what he wants so..


Yeah, unless there is a hell of a lot to the charges or publicity gets real ugly I think Dana will find a way for AJ. They may also let this work for "spin". Both Jones and DC are showing their asses in interviews right now. Either of them could get a chance to be the "face" if Johnson gets branded an abuser.


Robert A