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Crazy Cycle


I am worried about one of my closest friends who i introduced to steroids and i am concerned he is going to get hurt doing this cycle

Test over 4000mg
Tren Ace
Hgh - Very high dose

As you can see i do not know how much of all those hormones he is taking but i know it is going to be a very high dosage of all of them and my question is this just overkill and if he is going to get hurt doing this. He is one of my best friends and i feel guilty because i first introduced him to the juice.. also not sure how long his cycle is going to be or any of the details but i do know he is running the GH at a very high dose for a while maybe even life.

Thank you


Also this is only his 3RD CYCLE


He's probably gonna need some AI assistance. Just be there for him if he has questions. It's hard to talk some people out of things. Just look how often we try here and people don't listen. Good luck.


Tell him to make a thread here.


tell him that testosterone at dosages 10 times higher than physiological amounts are shown to kill brain cells. I am pretty certain this is a fact... so that pretty much translates into anything over 3000mgs of test per week has the potential to do this.

Also tell him about agromegaly and abdominal dystention; with regards to his HGH useage. Don't forget to mention HGH induced carpal tunnel syndrome, left ventricular hypertrophy, etc etc.

Tren acetate is a better choice for someone who hasn't used it before; alas the dosage is what you should be concerned about.

Anadrol is one of the strongest steroids out there; people generally feel it is 'safe' to use dosages of between 50-100mgs per day. Alas, you have to worry about direct activation of the progesterone receptor (check this, could be E receptors) with anadrol. Also, blood pressure spikes dramatically when on this drug. It is fairly common to gain a pound a day for the first week and a half or two while on anadrol; this of course is mainly water weight and increased glycogen and blood volume.


Thanks im not a roid expert but ive sent him the link to this thread and his response is hes going to be monitored by a doctor and another thing he said is that "all the pros" do this kind of cycle(which i highly doubt) and have no health affects .. ive tried to convince him not to but nothing is gonna work so if hes gonna do it hes gonna do it since you seem to know what you're talking about do you think him seeing a doctor once a week on this cycle to check for anything that could go wrong is okay? ( his uncle is a respectable doctor around this area) and he can talk the real deal to him if you know what i meen.

You seem like you really know what you're talking about so sorry this is off topic but do you think tren ace is the best if not one of the best bulking agents out their to combine with a typical bulking stack (test, deca, dbol or replace the deca with tren and eq and what-not) because i have been reading up on tren ace and it seems very potent for actual muscle gain even more so then dbol or anadrol when combined with test.


He wont..


Tell him not to fuck up with the insulin.


you shouldn't feel responsible because you introduced him to gear

I've given people their first joint who ended up being junkies.. I don't consider myself responsible for that.

i guess i'm trying to say, lots of people use gear, but not everyone is retarded

I think he's just going to feel like utter shit and not get the gains he's expecting.


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Thanks.. just your opinion do you really think the growth, igf 1 and insulin are overkill especially him for only his 3td cycle and he should just stick to his test tren and anadrol im just wonderin because i have been researchin igf 1 and don't really know if its as effective as people think or if it's the most powerful out of all of them? what's your take on this?


How long is he planning on running this cycle?


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No idea


The idiotic thing about this cycle is that the dose dependent gains of those drugs don't go on forever, they flatten out at a much lower dose then what he's intending on using.

I agree with BBB in the sense that he's not going to die lol or suffer any sort of serious health problems, there are lots of guys who have done the same. It is however a big waste of money and drugs and he will probably have a lot of side effects.

tell him this: Dave palumbo, who was a ripped 300lbs as a competitive bodybuilder at like 5'10, said he gets his best gains at 1200mg of test, any more and he just gets more sides not more gains, and most pro's that he knows don't ever go over 2grams of test. Even if your friend doesn't give a shit about his health, he can at least realize that his gains would be as good at 1200mg of test and he wouldn't have to deal with side effects as badly.


Unfortunately I know of guys using 3-4g of gear a week, none of them compete. I also know guys who compete that take very modest amounts over shorter cycles, and like BBB said if you aren't growing like a weed on 1g it's unlikely a higher dose is going to do anything except give you worse sides.


How much does he weight and how tall is he?


I know some one who does coke, like several grams two or three times a week, drink copious amounts of alcohol, smokes weed and was doing...

Sust 1500mg a week

Deca 600mg week

Tren ace 300mg week

And he didn't even have elevated blood pressure or bad skin...


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Wow.. no offense if thats your friend or anything but hes a bigger douche bag than my friend doing 4g of test a week