Crazy Crime

What’s the most stupid crime you’ve ever heard of/committed/been convicted of?

On Thursday i had to go to court because i called this fucking minihitler on a trainstation a jumped-up little shit. He was a pedant. I used the word ‘shit’ at him. Beat that?

I got caught peeing.

this one belongs to my dad (a 60 year old man, with a lot of street fights under his belt).

he was on holidays when he noticed two punks smashing car mirrors off with tennis racquets and breaking the antennas on every car parked along the side of the road. this was in broad daylight with people around, but you know society today, nobody saw nothing.

well my dads car was in this row, so being the reasonable person he is he hopped out and leant against it to see if that would be a deterrent. one of the guys looks at my old man and desides to give the car a kick.

this earnt him a belting which knocked him down. the other guy tryed to hit my dad with the tennis racquet, so knowing the first guy will be back any second my dad kneed him in the balls and knocked him out to make sure he’d stay down. he then repeated this for the first guy who was coming back for more.

conveniently this is when the police arrived, saying that they agreed with my dad, but had to charge him with using excessive force! yeah, a 60 year old 160 pound man has to be very careful with two men in their prime…

evenetually the charges were dropped though, since those people who stood around watching and not doing nothing were happy to give there details as a witness. 27 witnesses on your side seems to be enough to have charges dropped.