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Crazy Control of Abs



No homo.


That is a little odd. I can do some similar things that he did, but that's impressive.


that really wasnt that cool.


That's weird. But I was expecting a belly wave.


So, basically a vacuum pose and 'the Rope'


WoW! that vid. will change my life!! thanks for that!!!


That's nothing. I've been doing that since I was 14. I even taught my son how to do it a few years ago, and he does it without a second thought.


Oh my God! so wtf is going on with me!? My life is ending right now!

I just can't...

toooo much food in stomach!!!




Not impressive unless he can flex each muscle belly separately.


not bad

check at 3:30


Id probably pay to see that man!


that almost made me uncomfortable...crazy