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Crazy Canadian Training Method

Anyone ever hear of the 5BX training method? It’s used by the Canadian Airforce and only takes 11 minutes to complete. It has 6 different levels of difficulty, the first being piss-easy while the last is only recommended for elite level athletes. Just do a search for 5BX on yahoo to find a site that details the entire program. My friend swears by it, and his recent size increases are obviously due to something. Definately great for camping trips and such. Check it out.

I checked out some Canadian airforce sites and they all say the same thing about the 5bx exercise program. They quit using it because it doesn’t work.

I just looked it up. I don’t really see much of a difference between the 5BX and regular calithenics I did while in the Navy. Just variations of your basic crunches, pushups, jumping jacks, etc. It could still be useful for maintaining tone when you can’t lift weights, though. My friend has a Navy SEAL workout book and that looked a lot more challenging.

Heh heh. Doesn’t work? Excellent - it did look a bit too much like painful aerobics. I’m guessing it didn’t work because they recommended completing these all the time - do you think it would be useful when you can’t get to a gym, or would the usual log lifting, cousin-press, tent-sqaut workouts be the go?
Hyok - anything from your Seal handbook you can share?

Sorry, but I don’t have that book. The friend that has it moved to the east coast. What I do recall was basic bodyweight exercises like pullups and chinups. There were variations of those exercises to make them more challenging like different hand positions and grips. I guess if you’re camping, you’re going to have to use a tree branch for a chinup bar. I’m sure barnes and noble or amazon has it.