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Crazy Cabbie Vs. Stuttering John

Forget the Tyson fight, the only fight in town tomorrow is Crazy Cabbie Vs. Stuttering John at the Taj Mahal.

I’m going with Crazy Cabbie to Beat john, T- bag him, and then anallly rape him for the cameras.

lol, i can’t wait to see this on E! tomorrow night! i am rooting for Cabbie too.

I’m rooting for Cabbie too,I can’t stand Stuttering John! Yeah, I hope Cabbie does t-bag John that would be hilarious.

well, looks like we were all wrong! LOL. Can’t wait to see the fight tonight. Brooklyn Mike

i know, damn! i wanted Cabbie to win. sounds like he fought the same way he did against Angry Black. i thought he would of been more of a boxer this time. i can’t wait to see it on E! tonight. sounded crazy on the radio this morning.

I don’t get the Howard Stern show where I live. So who won? What happened??

andrewaa: use this link to get a run down of the fight (remove any spaces)http://www.marksfriggin.com/news02/5-27.htm#fri