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Crazy But Spiritual Martial Arts Vid

I see this dude all the time…

And I have been seeing him since I was a kid.
I used to see him in China town, practicing
but usually I see him closer to my place at a park with
some gym aparatas this is the same park I see the crazy chin up dudes…

any way he gives a fantastic breakdown of tai chi
and how it appllies to us.
ignore the some of the spooky mumbo jumbo he is a pretty mellow


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I like this guy very much, KMC. Thanks for showing us.

He’s awesome.

He is actually one of the things I like about NYC…
crazy people who make sense he actually
is a happy mellow skilled dude with a cool philosophy.


Why do you say the guy is crazy? He appears to be well centered, which should be ones goal with martial arts.

Because I see him all the time in my neighborhood for years.

He is borderline homeless, but has a good heart.