Crazy Bulking Cycle, Need Your Opinion

This would be my 2nd cycle and im looking to run these compounds together for crazy bulk.

Weeks 1-15 Test C 500mg
Weeks 1-15 Equipoise 500mg
Weeks 1-4 Dbol 40mg ed
Weeks 5-14 Deca. 500mg
Weeks 11-15 Anadrol 50mg ed
Weeks 7-10 Proviron. 50mg ed

Caber 0.25 e3d from weeks 6-15
Arimidex 0.5 e3d from weeks 1-15

As far as pct: 2 weeks after last test shot 35/20/20/10 Nolvadex
50/50/50/50 of Clomid.
500ui hcg eod = 5000ui

Age 32 y/o
Weight 198 lbs
Height 183 cm
Body Fat 13%

All this means nothing without showing us how you are planning to train and eat.
What was your first cycle? How did that go? Post some pics. What do your lifts look like?


Opinion on what exactly?

Opinion of the dose and the combination

Plan for train is push pull legs
And 5000 calories, fat 148, carb 543, protein
First cycle : 12 wk test e 500mg
With gain of 8kg muscle
Bench press 100kg
Dead lift 140kg
Biceps axe 40kg
Lat pulldowns 100kg
Squat 100kg

If this worked run it again. That’s my opinion.
If your set on running more compounds you might wanna do more research on blood saturation times and clearance times.
Your proposed cycle makes no sense.
Why did you pick these compounds?
How did you decide on the start/stop/durations? There are issues here.
What are you just planning to ,start caber/arimidex? More issues.
Your PCT start is not good.
What are you planning for organ protection?
Just throwing more drugs in doesn’t mean more growth.


For a 200lb male at 13% BF these lifts are not really lining up. I think you have a long way to go training wise before running a cycle like that.

This is a mess. Nandrolone (Deca) is a long ester why would you delay the start? Instead consider starting it with the rest and ending it a week or more before your Test Cyp. Same with EQ. Both have really long half lives and would delay your PCT timing.

You run the HCG before PCT not during. You don’t need two SERMS. If you stick to the plan you have then the drugs won’t be out of your system to PcT for at least 6 weeks and that’s still not full clearance.

General advice, I won’t tell you what to run or how to run it as it’s not my place. This mess of a cycle will make troubleshooting side effects virtually impossible. If you’re ready to really harm your health for the sake of big gains then this is your cycle. A safer cycle is running Test again.


For a 2nd cycle, why not just add one anabolic?

At that, you will be taking more AAS than I ever took during a cycle. Example: I thought an advanced cycle was 200mg/wk testosterone C, 200mg/wk Deca, and 20mg/day Dianabol.


What does this mean? Is that how much weight you lift, or how much your lifts increased? If it is the former, those are very pedestrian accomplishments. (unless the reps are extremely high)

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I’m a 205lb male at ~12% and:
Bench 139kg x7
Dead 225kg x5
Squat 184kg x3

@Hassanoxy you gotta get your lifts in order dude. I suspect your 13%BF claim is not very accurate… post a pic and prove me wrong.

I think running test and deca that high will fuck you up. If that doesn’t, i think the caber will.

Stick with your first blast plan and run it until you stop getting noticeable results.


Haven’t tested because I don’t really care that much about bench and anything high reps tends to have an unusually high impact for me - as in, I would fatigue way faster with 225x15 than 305x7, for example. I’ve also been in a deficit for like 18 months now so strength and performance are kind of shit atm.

I also haven’t flat benched in some time because it’s only used for bragging rights and I care more about looking good naked. I highly doubt I could hit 305x7 now that I haven’t been training that lift for a while.
Still pushed

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The combinations that work are like… what… 4? There is not much to have opinion on.

Dose depends on the user, but with no pictures we cant judge that.

The only thing i could say is that you should start deca at week one, because both, EQ and Deca will take 5 weeks to fully kick in. Its weird to start one of the two super slow esters at 2/3rd of the cycle imo. You start it at week 5, drop it at week 14, it basically had 4 weeks to do smth. Unless you are super under-developed, no noticable changes changes in mass can be made in 4 weeks by 1 drug. When using deca and eq, i would like to see no less than 20 weeks ON… 24 more likely.

Everything else you are planning to do is as basic as mac and cheese.

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Jesus. Did your first cycle not go well, that you feel you need to add all this in?

Adex plus EQ?

Dbol Anadrol plus Proviron?

Caber at week 6? Why week 6? Is your PRL gonna be high starting then? Why?

Sorry, so many questions. I’m guessing you’re experienced in the gym already, diet, yada yada yada


Are you asking what I would do?

Or what I think going from 1 compound to 6 will do for you?