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This came from a post about ketosis [source redacted]

“pH and temperature drastically affect piezo electric cell effects (collagen) but not flexoelectric effects (enzymes). There is a huge difference in enzyme kinetics because of water’s ability to proton tunnel via tautomerization. Enzymes simply cannot work without water surrounding them. Atoms are engines of creation because they absorb and radiate all types of energy so they must play by flexoelectric rules. The key is their organization within a cell to take full advantage of the thermodynamics of the environment they are found in. The physics of organisms can enrich biologic understanding when we marry its ability to carry information and energy to and fro. The cell membrane is a non-equilibrium structure with an enormous electrical potential gradient across it. the inner mitochondrial membrane has two radically different cell membranes for a very specific reason. It also has atoms in it that allow for it to act like a topologic insulator. This gradient makes it ideal to carry both information and energy to the rest of the cells in tissues.”