Crazy beast at Planet Fitness today!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy from Trinidad whom I’ve seen in that gym before, i was there to do cardio (stairmaster), he was on the incline bench or so i thought…

the guy is in his early twenties, 5’10" -6’ range weighing 215lbs, i know this because we spoke. He was very lean, an honest 6-8%BF, i know how people BS bodyfat…fuck it here is the deal, at planet fitness of all places, he is doing barbell overhead presses w/ 275lbs, two wheels and a quarter on each side for five clean reps, he dug under it from the incline bench and started banging out reps.

i almost shit the guy was a beast. I weigh 212lbs but at 10% more BF and it’s a whole different world.

  • Sidebar i put up 265lbs for 5 reps and 285lbs for one on the incline bench (machine), the numbers would mean a fuck of a lot more if it wasn’t a machine incline press.

cool story bra

yeah I’m always impressed by sick overhead strength too…

Do you know what he was training for? bbing? strongman?

Always a great motivation to train even harder. Switching from gym with more big guys does great work on once body if you apply it as a motivator.