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Crazy Back Road FarmHer



Been an insanely busy couple of days! Jan 5th consisted of waking up to complete the farm chores, then work in a near by town, then I picked up 458 pounds of pork that we had sent to the butcher. Got home completed afternoon chores and then our sow went into labour…in minus 43 degree weather :confused: She laboured from 4 pm till 6am…a long night for everyone, but we have 8 new happy piglets :slight_smile: Yesterday was a mix of my day job and the farm and thats it…was pretty beat and hit the sac early.


warm up then

15 20# KB swings
20 20# KB swings
20 35# KB swings
15 35# KB swings

Single leg deads each leg

Upright row

reverse lunge each leg

KB windmill (I think they are called…) 1 rep = both ways
I kept these super slow and steady

curls each arm

I am surprised at how taxing this workout was!

50 min of LISS cardio

Weight ratio for the week: 141.67 (-3.33)

Happy with this week and my start, ready to take the coming one head on :slight_smile:


I just love bacon seeds! Congrats on the piggys!


Still truckin, just busy!

Jan 8th I shovelled for 2 hours. Yes, I am counting that as activity lol. Jan 8th was also the day the DOMS started kicking in lol.

Jan 9th 50 min of LISS cardio.

Today (Jan 10th)

KB figure 8’s (each pass through my hands was a rep)
30x20# x3sets

Single arm clean to should press (ea. arm)
10x20#x3 sets

10 single arm lateral swings (I dont even know of these are really a thing but…) @ 20#
superset with
10 front shoulder raises (both arms) @ 20#
x3 sets

Floor press (punch? shoulder off the ground at the ext.)
15x20# x 3 sets
superset with
single leg glute/ham raises x10 each leg.

*I’ve decided I am most likely going to stick to the KB workouts for the rest of Jan and then hit the gym…the KB’s have been a refreshing change and I am liking the challenge of them instead of trying to get back into my old barbell routine and then feeling frustrated with myself.

*still doing good with food. I haven’t been tracking or anything, just making better choices and no alcohol or sugary drinks. At my BF% I can get away with that and still loose :slight_smile: In about 2 weeks though I plan to start so that I have some sort of base number to work with.



Have a busy day so I decided to crush my KB goals before farm chores today :slight_smile:

As written it sure doesn’t seem like much but it was a challenge! I kept all rests nice and short.

Sumo squats

20 windmills (each pass through my hands is a rep. I loose track other wise lol)

Good morning, to reverse lunge, to shoulder press while down.
10 each leg x20# for 3 sets.

Stretching. <— one of my goals (other than trashing the fat pants) throughout this challenge is to gain flexibility. I am stiffer than I have ever been.

Enjoy the day!


Nothing lights up my lower back like shoveling snow so I think it’s fair to count it as activity.


Shoveling snow totally counts, especially if you had a lot to move or live on any sort of incline.


Here’s where Im at so far. Down 13ish pounds and a couple sizes. 3 Weeks or so left…might be able to tighten things up a wee bit yet.


looking great!


Fantastic work!


Thanks! Feels nice to get my ass back into some jeans.


Great work. Jeans? I digress…


I dont get it lol


Guess I was AWOL when you were posting before but I’ll be stopping in.


Final pics :slight_smile: start weight was 146 and now I am fluctuating between 133 and 130.

I have also turned into an Oreo Cookie apparently :wink:

My plan moving forward is to maintain the 133-130 mark and start building on strength again. Sadly, my elbow has been killing me from winter chores (water/feed bucket hauling and pouring ) and its really made doing anything upper body difficult :frowning:


Great job! Hope your elbow feels better soon!


awesome work in the t-ransformation. I’m surprised you didn’t place higher than you did, but then the competition was fierce this year.


I didn’t know you were logging here!! Great to see you !