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Crazy Back Road FarmHer

Hey friends, its been awhile! A long while!

Here’s the short and skinny~ Back in spring of 2015 we bought a farm, and then we closed down our business (my baby and primary employment since 2007) in the winter of 2015, and I leaped head first into another career (which was an amazing choice but has also played its toll on me physically) I spend A LOT of time in my car. And I have A LOT of last minute appointments etc which I have struggled balancing with my personal time (AKA not scheduling/keeping gym time, making unhealthy choices therefore making my bathing suit scream. )

During the beginning of 2015 I kept at the workouts and eating etc, but then between work and the farm I slowly started to let habits go and my thinking started to shift. (The farming does help a tonne tho and I have great biceps and can arm wrestle till the death :smiley: ) Fast forward to now and I am uncomfortable with my level of fitness, overall health, and the extra tire :wink: It’s amazing how out of touch I feel with all of this again!

TLDR: Gym junkie turned real estate hustler by day, pig wrestler by night (or wait- is that reveresed??! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and has since seen the light (or at least that my jeans aren’t fitting all that well and I’m stubborn)

SO What are my goals then?

Here are my thoughts-
I weigh 145 (5’4) which is not horribly over my previous weights BUT I have lost a lot of muscle and strength especially in my legs. I have a spare tire. I would like to focus on fat loss but I am thinking that if I start to dial in nutrition and begin a strength training program (focused on the big lifts and lift heavy) I’ll be on point. I plugged my shit into IIFYM and am just going to start slow, get back into the flow of tracking.

So thats my plan ya’ll-KISS!!

TLDR: track food for 2 weeks. Evaluate. Start strength training. Evaluate. Kick some ass at work. Kick some ass on the farm. Log it :slight_smile:




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Time to pay the piper!!
Here are my starting pics for the T-ransformation 2018

runs away crying

Ah well- everyone loves a good comeback :wink:


WE DO!!! Long time. Great to see you!

And good luck with your plans. This will be awesome. Those muscles will remember.


Haha! It HAS been a long time :slight_smile: Thank you and same!

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Now I just need to figure out what program to use…

Welcome back and good luck with the transformation.


Right on, in for the follow!

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My start wasn’t quite as I had planned out, but I suppose it it has some humour!

On Dec 31st I bought some chicken that was on sale to cook up, shred and have a few meals prepped…smart right?? Haha, that on sale chicken almost killed me : /

January 1st I got a whole body work out from wretching into the toilet all day, January 2nd I had stopped with all of that but was completely drained.

Yesterday I did some body weight movements, yoga, and LISS cardio for 35 min to get back into the flow.

Can’t get to a gym till next week, but I have some kettle bells to play with tonight :slight_smile:

Pleased with diet so thats a plus.

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That sucks. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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My wife laughs at how paranoid I am about raw chicken–how thoroughly I clean the kitchen after prepping it, including disinfecting every surface it might have touched. I always tell her that, should she ever contract Salmonella, she’ll never laugh at me again.

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Got two kettlebells as an early BDay gift and I am super pumped! I’ve only ever used them to do swings at the gym so I’m looking forward to learning some new movements!

Cleaning them to get them into position for a press is tricky in that it really hurts the back of the forearm when it ‘flips’ over. I suppose I just have to learn to drop while I catch to help absorb that better? (I’ll read up on it more) At this weight I don’t even have to use that technique to get it up but I want to learn properly for the future.


warm up
15 jump squats
10 pushups
arm swings and various yoga moves to try and oil this board of a body up.

KB swings
20 with 20# KB rest 30 sec x 3

Goblet Squats
10 with 35# KB rest 30 sec x 3

Single arm hang cleans
10 with 20#KB each arm rest 30 sec x 3

Single arm press (KB style with hip cocked)
10x20# each arm
10x20# " "
7x20# " "

Single arm bent over rows 20#
10 each arm x3

I def. wanted to do more but I better wait and see how sore this makes me tomorrow first :wink:

This was FUN!!

I will weigh myself tomorrow, I haven’t bothered since ‘death by chicken day’ as I would have been dehydrated. The 3oth of Dec I weighed 145#.

My plan is to just weigh in every day and then get the 7 day average just to make sure I am moving in the right direction each week.


OMG I have never been so sick, I will be so much more careful in the future and WILL NEVER buy the ‘enjoy tonight’ meat :smiley:
You’re a smart man!

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I’ve never heard it called that but I buy that type of meat all the time and throw it in the freezer. It’s typically beef or pork though.

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And I NEVER buy the pre seasoned stuff! Here that is taboo🤢

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Good to see you back here.

Re: the kettlebell and impact with your wrist when cleaning (eventually, if you learn the snatch, this will be an issue as well), for the short term I would recommend a pair of KettleGuards, or even just any cheap pair of sweatbands, to cushion the blow.

The more that you practice the movement, the more adept you will get at neatly catching the bell with the proper amount of give in your wrist so it doesn’t “thwack” each time.

It took me a couple weeks after getting the kettlebells to be able to clean / snatch into position without a nasty smack, but once I got it, I got it for good.

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Thanks for the welcome back and the tips, I’ll be sure to pad up for the first little bit :smiley:

Yes, pre-seasoned simply means ‘now you cant see this ugly meat and what we are trying to hide’ lol!

:joy::joy::joy: Exactly!

Growing up my mom ingrained in us that if you touched raw chicken or pork death was certain.