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Crazy-Ass Sports from Around the World


I read an article in the Toronto Star today about several Indian Kabaddi players who have overstayed their visa. My first question - "what the HELL is Kabaddi??"

I have no idea what's going on here, but it looks like a good time.

Anybody else know of any sports more exotic than MLB/NBA/NFL/etc?


Calcio Storico, Italy


I freaking love kabaddi! Played it once at school in a PE lesson. The actual rules might be different, but when we played you hand two teams and two sections. The aim is to send one man into the other section, in turns, and that one man has to tag as many people as he can and get out. The people who got tagged are kicked back into the game, and depending on how many people you got out, you can get that many back in for your team.

The wildcard is that you have to continually say kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi without stopping. If you stop e.i from running out of breath, then you are out. very fun game and hilarious to watch. Some of the shit people will say when under pressure "Kabaddi, kapaddi, GANASSHY KLASHY KERPASHY-(down)".


Dwarf throwing:

Bog snorkelling:

Shin kicking:


The Cheese Roll, by far.



looked a little like bullrush..


AFL (aussie rules)

thats what happens when ya think you're a kangaroo.


well it probably isn't a sport but that is freaking hilarious


I was dissapointed that didn't show Dermot 'The Hood' Brereton being poleaxed by 'Daisy' Yeates in the '89 Grand Final. Also the hit by Johnny 'HitMan' Howat on Barnsy is a personal favorite, sorry Cats Fans, but that was great...

Actually here's a question, other than Aussie Rules is there any other professional football code anywhere which is not played on a rectangle and which does not have an offside rule?

And to our Irish cousins...see you at Croke Park in November.


Grew up playing this. It is an epic sport. A LOT of fun, totally cheap, and does wonders for your sprinting and the ability to change direction.

Basically, you cross the line shouting "Kabbadi" and in ONE breath, you have to touch a member of the opposite team and get back over your own line. Their job is to keep you on their side of the line until you run out of that breath. The continuous shouting proves that you're doing it all in one breath.

It is simply AWESOME.


Couldn't stop thinking of ID while watching this...


All I could gather from watching is that it seems that it is 1 vs all. The one player had to avoid submission or submit any member of the opposite team before they reach a certain part of the court.

I like the wrestling, Judo, Jut jitsu throws or locks they use. Very entertaining.

And damn on the attempted leg log @ 1.45


Thanks guys for explaining the Kabbadi rules.


"Ulak Tartysh" (in Kyrgyz), or "Kokpar" (in Kazakh) is definitely one crazy-ass game. Players ride on horseback with a headless sheep carcass and drop it into the goal. I saw a few matches in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It's fast and brutal. The audience sure has a lot of fun.


looks fun, but the "one breath" rule seems tedious, it would be more fun without that.


Anything involving live, uncastrated bulls is fucking insane in my book. I'm going to Spain next summer and I'm definitely going to run with the bulls in Pamplona on all 7 days or until I get trampled. I'm even down to go into the Estadio del Toros with all the other loonies to antagonize the one they leave behind.

But no fucking way am I going to stand out there with nothing but a cape and let one of those fuckers take repeated runs at me, and I'm certainly never going to get on the back of one those things.


Only a sadomasochist would enjoy this sort of thrill.

A friend of mine twisted his knee when turning around to run away from the bulls, fell hard on the ground and got trampled. Until this day, I wish I'd been there to savour the spectacle. I had warned him of the dangers before he left for Spain. He didn't listen.

Maybe I'll join you in your trip. Just to get a rise out of watching you getting vigorously trampled.


There's no fucking way one of those beasts is going to catch up with me. I'm lean and lithe and I can run really fast. And I have no qualms whatsoever about tossing some Basque separatist into the path of an oncoming bull if it'll save my skin.

On an unrelated note, has anyone mentioned the Crazy-Ass Sport from Around the World called "Fucking DarkNinjaa Against Her Will?" I highly recommend it. As close to bullriding as I'll ever get.


Japanese Log Riding


Also known as "Sex With DB Cooper"