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Crazy Ass Dreams


i write music whilst i sleep
once a girl in a dream asked me not to wake up, for fear that it would kill her

Anyone else have crazy ass dreams?
If so about what?


Lay off the ZMA bro


For some reason melatonin makes me have a lot more interesting dreams. I'm a lot more likely to be having sex in my dream or doing something insane. Not really sure why.


If I'm having sex in my dreams, I consider it a sign I need to be jacking off more often. Usually does the trick.


Very vivid, yes, but not totally outlandish.

ZMA is awesome.


last night I had a dream that paul newman was randy newman, but he was black. Then he turned into the Hulk, BUt he was actually Robert downy JR (so he was iron man) but he was built like a brick shit house. In my dream i noticed he (hulk/downy/ironman) had no acne on his back so he must not be on steriods.

Then my kid woke me up.


I always have intense, long-lasting, complex dreams. Sometimes they're very realistic -- almost like a theatrical movie in terms of consistency within the 'plot' and setting of the dream -- and other times it's complete nonsense.

The night before last I woke up remembering that my dream ended with a doctor with a clipboard saying, "And if a liver exited out the front door, what would it say? And if a liver exited out the shed door, what would it say?" And me holding a pamphlet with an animated smiling liver.

A week or so ago I had a hyper-realistic zombie dream: just super realistic. Then last night I had a not-realistic at all zombie dream that was 20x more scary. There was a desert and a long lake and zombies that rose out of the sand, and a giant football-esque stadium in the middle. We lured all the zombies into the stadium, someone had to be sacrificed, then we somehow got the doors locked, but zombies started coming out of these huge ceiling panels; we had to blow up giant balloons with helium to hold the panels in place until a magical bomb exploded that sealed the zombies in forever.

Once I took 15mg of melatonin, and that was the only time in my life I realized my dream trigger, and I asked inside the dream, "Am I dreaming?" and everyone stopped what they were doing, turned and looked at me, nodded, then the world melted around me and I woke up. It was awesome.


Greatest dream I ever had: Me and Bruce Willis were on the Amalfi Coast killing zombies with golf clubs. I never wanted to wake up.


I frequently have apocalyptic(zombies/plagues/nuclear war) dreams where I am fighting for my life my fighting style consists of punching them slowly(very frustrating) then grabbing them and crushing their heads like grapes. This is how I always win the fights by crushing their heads.


When I use to be on Valium I would have crazy, vivid dreams. I've had a few dreams that I didn't like at all that when I woke up, i felt depressed for a few hours. They just seemed so real that they affected my mood for awhile after awakening.


Like you, Op I had a lucid dream except the dreamworld really didn't want me in there.

I used to also have dreams I could fly. Well, it was more a soaring action as opposed to powered flight - I would soar up and down along strong currents above people's heads. I miss those dreams. =(

But my favourite ones are the scary ones where I'm in danger but then the dream turns into a third person scenario and I am no longer me. I become an observer watching someone else struggle with a horrific assailant.


I get this as well, we all probably do tbh. I believe it's due to the paralysis of muscle activity as we sleep. I used to think it was because we slept under covers and quilts and therefore it's difficult to move your legs in a running fashion, like a dog would, but I now think it's more biological than physical.

It's right annoying though and probably one of the main reasons the action scenes in my dreams are so boring lol.


My mom just told me about the dream she had the other night.

For whatever reason we were planning to kill some people. She said I used a shovel and killed 3 people and she killed an "evil cat"



Sometimes I have "movie dreams". I just "watch" the dream like I was in a very good 3D cinema, I'm not a part of it, I know that I am dreaming, and am just enjoying the action. They usually have very good plots. Too bad I forget all about them pretty quickly.


HOLY CRAP i dreamt an episode of The Office

It was that Michael had secretly married Meredith a long time ago, and it was just coming out now.

He said "the real reason why I give Meredith such a hard time about men... is that we are divorced"

It was awesome... when I woke up I wasn't sure if it was an actual episode or not... its not... turns out


Anyone ever have dreams where you can't seem to open your eyes? I have them on occasion and hate them. I remember one that seemed to last a year, I was in an epic battle with a T-Rex (along with everyone else in the neighborhood), but had to struggle to open my eyes and could open keep them open for a second or two. I fought and struggled until I had no energy left...then I was eaten.


I had a crazy fucking dream last night. I had some sort of sword or machete, and was hacking people down with it. What was super crazy was that I could feel the blade chop through skin, muscle, and spinal cord in my hand. It was fucking weird.

Also, there was blood all over the walls when I woke up. Only one of these stories is a lie.


Yeah actually I get those too, really bad feeling. Sometimes it's like I can't look in a certain direction or directly at something in particular. Irritating.


When I was younger, and in and out of the hospital a lot, I used to have some dreams that were fucking nuts. I think it had to do with the Prednisone (AI steroids) I was on for a long time. The drugs gave me pretty epic mood swings, and I would rage from time to time, but when I slept....

Whenever I dreamt on steroids, and even for about a year after I stopped taking them, my dreams where horrifically violent. Not just like, cutting a swath through hordes of faceless zombies, but very personal, in your face, brutal killing.

One of them I remember with the most clarity, I was fighting someone on a bridge for whatever reason, and I slammed him up against the side, like I was gonna try and throw him over, but he wouldn't go, so I grabbed his throat with one hand and pushed back, so he's bent backward over the wall along the side of the bridge, and with my other hand I'm just repeatedly plunging a knife into his chest. After I stabbed him a dozen times or so, I woke up, soaked in sweat.

Thank God for video games desensitizing me to violence, or I might have issues.