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Crazy Anxiety After First TRT Shot

I received my first shot of Test C and hcg last Friday. Since then I have been experiencing a ton of anxiety/pain attacks. heart racing to the point I went to the ER, and I can’t seem to calm my self down. Almost seems like it’s hard to breathe. Has anyone else experienced this ?? The ER said everything blood work/ chest X-rays/ EKGs were normal . I just had a bit of elevated blood pressure. Any information as to if this will go away eventually or how to help ease symptoms will be very helpful.

It’s not getting better? Did you have anxiety before the shot?

What was your levels before the shot and how much did the inject? Post your boood work before you started.

Test was 350 before shot. Never had anxiety problems I stopped taking everything and it’s not going away. Shot 150ml

That’s not allot of dose so very odd.

What about estrogen and free t and etc.Estrogen being important because guys complain of anxiety and mood changes when it’s high or low.

It will pass and you need to calm your mind. Your body is just in shock from the hormonal changes. I think there is more to it but that’s the basics.

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Estrogen was 6.9 which is low and free test was 20

What was the range on the free t and damn that’s low e2 . I hope your not taking any ai.

We need e2 because it has so many benefits. Post your labs with ranges and I’m sure guys here can help you understand what’s happening. Follow the lead of others who post here’s and you’ll get the input you desire.

Free T range says 9.3 - 26.5 and I’m not taking any AI I was adviced to start taking it after 3 weeks in

Why are you starting trt your levels are great dude. This is probably why. Your at 20 before starting and add more to increase that levels even more haha… there’s no reason to ruin your good health be great ful your not in my shoes with 3.5 feee t.

You might start out by telling us what your TRT protocol looks like, don’t describe in ml, I don’t want to know about volume of hormone injected, I want to know the strength in mgs.

One large injection causes anxiety is some men, frequent dosing can lessen or eliminate anxiety. Your protocol should always consider SHBG before proceeding with TRT, if you doctor skipped SHBG testing, it would indicate your doctor is inept to help you manage your TRT protocol and you’ll have to figure everything out on your own.

It looks like your TRT protocol is to blame for all the problems you’re experiencing, HCG can also cause anxiety.

No SHBG that I know of . Test C 200MG .75 ml 2x per week. HCG 11000iu with 5.5 ml bacterostatic water inject .25ml (500iu) 2x per week . I only did one injection of each so far and have stopped because of my side effects .

very common, you ramped yourself up from low test, and now you got a bunch of neuro stimulation.

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So what do you think I should do.? Stop taking until all side effects go away and start at a lower dosage?

His free t was 20 and high. He has normal levels.

Standard starting protocol is 100mg a week. You took 150 mg in 1 shot.

In addition to the remaining test you had left in your body, you just added 150mg more. Your tt is probably pretty high, and going from Low T, to high T, your brain/body has to get use to it.

I cant tell you what to do, not a doctor.

Why are you on HCG? Fertility or vanity?

This is partly the reason you quit as there are a lot of men out there who start out incompetent doctors who have no clue how this TRT game is played.

It would have been nice to see pre-TRT Total T, Free T, SHBG and estrogen. Then I could recommend a protocol geared for success.

You will not do well on infrequent dosing if your getting anxiety after only one shot, you’ll need to lower your dosage or break up these shots multiple times a week. I do very well injecting smaller doses (20mg) every 2 days. Free T hovers right at the top of the ranges.

I would start 50mg twice weekly until you do more testing, if doctors puts up a fight, go to discount labs and order your own labs.

Pre TRT (which is before my only shot lol)

Estrogen - 6.9

Testosterone 350

Free Testosterone 20

I keep saying your free t is optimal. Am I misreading. I’m lost here.

Man if you get 20free t from 300 total, then why even care…guys here run 20 on trt.

I need ranges, all labs have their own ranges. If those are Labcorps ranges, then Free T is optimal, if not Labcorp, then Free T is very low.

Please correct my math here. .75ml of 200mg/ml Test is 150mg x2 is 300mg per week.
OM F-ing G this is what your doc started you out on?
You should have been put on 80mg per week to start out. that would be .20ml x2/wk.

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