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Craziest White Boy Ever!




Wow...I can't believe he didn't get his ass beat. What an ass...


Dear lord that was hilarious: "I don't have a beef with you, I have a beef with your people"


It's a wonder he didn't get shot.Maybe he didn't because of the camera guy being there.


There are four or five videos at www.resist.com and you can download them. They are hilarious. In one he gets a bunch of illegals in his truck thinking he is going to give them day labor and then drive them to the INS office.

I wonder why you think he would get his ass shot or beaten? Obviously you believe blacks are violent animals. If a racist NOI in a bowtie came into a white neighborhood spewing anti-white and anti-jew hate, he wouldn't get shot or beat. And this guy is just doing it for laughs or whatever.


That was retarded in a Tom Green sort of way. He's a candidate for a Darwin Award. It's amazing that he made it to the second location.


If you walked around any neighborhood dressed up like Hitler and started shouting things in German I'd think you'd be risking a beating. The white example is idiotic as there is no analogy to the klan for whites.

Seriously, not everyone hates blacks. Stop looking to be offended, and maybe the world will seem like less of a hostile place.


I call bullshit. Notice that nobody seems to notice the camera.


This video(and the one with the day laborers)are from a National Lampoon movie mocking reality shows. Everyone in it is an actor. You can rent it at Blockbuster, but I can't remember the name.


I'm with capn'salty on this one. Pretzel logic, he wasnt assuming all black people are "voilent animals." I think its absolutely retarded for this idiot to be walking around (presumably a black neighborhood) or at least walk around black people dressed in a KKK outfit asking them favors and obviously showing them extreme disrespect.

I know it was a joke, but IMO this is a joke that was taken too far.


A joke taken too far? Apparently the 6 or so black actors in the clip didn't think so, as they willingly participated. You even see the laundry one look into the camera at one point. not to mention there are edits within a scene and even angle changes.

How anyone even thought this was real, I don't know. I didn't even find the clip funny, but I don't know how anyone can find it offensive, or taken too far.

Sometimes using humor to bring light to otherwise uncomfortable situations is how people can "get over it" or "get past it" and bond with each other.


I second that.


LOL good find


Apparently it's fake. Just goes to show how far down the tubes National Lampoon has gone that nobody has seen the movie. I thought I was defending blacks, but who cares.


i can't remember the name of the guy who does this, but his goal is to be the most offensive person ever.

another sketch he has done was to pick up hispanic workers for some day labor work, and leads them to believe they are going to a construction site and in reality takes them to the immigration office.