Craziest Things I Ever Heard (Part 57)

Doing some of the accursed cardio last week (oh, how I loathe thee!), I had a chance to talk with the local gym monster. Young guy (my age I believe), 6’2-3", circa 280 in the offseason, pretty freakin’ massive build. We get talking about a competition I went to last year and saw him in (The Emerald, for those who know it.) Over the next 30 minutes, he relates to me the following insanities:

1. Starting his diet 12 weeks out, he lost 62lbs from then until showtime.

2. How did he do so? 2 hours of cardio, 6 days a week.

3. Hearing how much weight he’d lost, I asked him how far he took his calories below maintanance. Turns out, he didn’t. He stayed isocaloric and used the cardio to bring him in a negative balance.

4.While dieting, he consumed 700g protein/day.

Needless to say, I would’ve started laughing right there, but people don’t tend to respond well to that sort of thing, and besides… he’s bigger than me, so he must know more, right? Ahh, the wonders of anabolics. You really can get away with anything!

Thats pretty believeable i think. Remember the more muscle one has the easier it is to lose fat. I dont think there is much wrong with what he said.

i was talking to the guy who won the state 2001 show, and he told me that he didnt do any cardio whatsoever, but, get this, ate 16 meals a day pre-contest, with a minimum of 3 pounds of red meat. he said his grocery bill was 700 a week.

I’m not finding the fat loss unbelievable at all. I’m just saying he went about it in a crazy fashion. 2 hours of cardio on the bike is about 1000 calories burned, or so, so… why not simply cut back on your caloric intake a bit? He said he was eating 3500 calories a day? Why not cut down to 3000, or less, and cut your cardio time in half?

JC#10: Dude… wtf. Is that dude not human, or was he just popping 200mcg of Cytomel a day? What the hell?! I don’t know what my guy’s bill was, and I’m sure it was steep, but it sure as hell wasn’t $700/week. Oh, the insanity.

dude when he was telling me that, i was staring at him like he had 3 heads. he had a bunch of sponsors, so they helped pay for his grocery (and drug) bill, but basically he ate every hour on the hour when he was awake, then wake up once or twice during the night for a shake. (thats the other thing. he said he ate 8 meals a day with 8 shakes.) crazy huh?

eatin that much doesnt do anything extra for you…