craziest thing ever...

Hi everyone!
I was delighted to read “Lust out of Control”. It reminded me of something I came upon a few months ago - an article about becoming a stud. The author of the article claims that, in order to become a stud, you must:

  1. stop watching XXX content (movies, pictures, etc.)
  2. stop masturbating!!!

The author continues to explain why this is necessary. The URL where you can find the article is how2getlaid2002

Check it out, I would love to hear some comments!

I tried this URL and I got nothing. You sure it is the right one?

Yep, that is the address - Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

I’d like to know if it actually has worked. Cause according to him he is only speaking from his personal experience. And on a side note, if u did not masturbate would your testoterone levels increase or decrease?

This guy is an idiot, jacking off and looking at porn will not stop you from getting laid. I have watched porn with differant women and fucked them all, I’ve gotten head while watching porn…
1)Be clean
2)Take care of yourself and work to make yourself physically attractive
3)be nice to people
4)be interested in other people and when you are with them make sure you talk about them MORE then about yourself
5)Don’t be shy, if you are attracted to someone, tell them, most of the time “water seeks it’s own level” and the person you like may well wish you would approach them
The rest should take care of itself.