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Crazed Gunman Still On The Loose


This psycho is still on the run from the police (who are now bringing in the SAS) - the media have already started blaming it on his use of steroids.


Looks like he wants to go out in a blaze of glory.


I'd have to kill some mother fuckers too if they took my dogs.



Seems like a pretty angry guy, meh though, atleast he's being more original then walking into a school with a few guns.


I'm British and have an opinion on this! (sorry for the wall of text, bit rantish)

Daily Mirror quote: "Steroid Addicted Bodybuilder".

Everyone i've spoken to thinks he's a nutter (he is a little bit aye, he's said that himself "obviously ive got issues", in his letter) and cant wait to see him deleted but, worrying, i can sympathise with the chappie.

The guy's made a mistake, probably a few, and hit someone, ended him up in prison, he's lost his job (which relies on a clean crim record due to the way british nightclub-bouncers are regulated by Security Industry Assoc) and income, he's 37 years old so starting out again was never going to be enjoyable.

To cherry the cake, his gf/wife/mother of his sprogs at the time waited 'til his last week in prison (i feel she didnt have the balls to drop the bomb earlier, somepeople might say she did it for him to give him something to live for in prison but fk that) to dump him and to make something horrible worse she told him she left him for a copper "she left me for the copper who sent me down" (he wasnt actually a copper, juse a ruse to get him to stay away, one of several).

So, he's been processed by the judicial system, and has been shat out at the other end with not only nothing, but negative nothing due to crimmy rec.

And then he does something like this, and everyone acts all surprised, like it's unbelievable reaction? It might be unbelievable to someone with low/no TEST but i can see his angle and imagine the satisfaction it gave him.

Moral of the story is that it's getting harder for big TEST driven males to cope in this world; population increasing; space decreasing; rules tightening. It's chaotic in a really boring way. Some peeps struggle to stay within the law, especially when it protects gobby-little-beta-males.

A shorter summary might be "some bloke stole his missus and nature says NO to that" gene-curse?

Sorry for the wall of text, it's a talking point at work at the mo (we had the cumbrian shooter here just a few weeks back so it's applicable) and everyone thinks he's some psychotic madman, when he seems kinda normal to me.


*edit: this coming from someone who has never used roids thus cannot speculate how much that "helped" him make his decisions.


No reasonable person would go on a shooting spree, I don't think he's normal. However


Nice quote, this our man? I haven't read this. Someone in the force took a real dislike to this guy, couple this with the thought of a copper schlonging his hunny...

If by reasonable you mean taking it all lying down, then yeah maybe but the law is untouchable, and he doesnt strike me as the kind of guy that would a)write letters of complaint. that would b)know about the existance of writing letters of complaint and c)was probably in a bit of a hurry to have time to wait for letters of complaint to sort it out.

How can we prevent/cure if we do not even try to UNDERSTAND? He's not harmed any civvies that weren't involved personally. That's reasonable compared to Derrick Bird (cumbrian shootah).



Yes, there's a lot more to this story than the media care to report. It's much more convenient to present this as a "steroid abuser goes on killing spree" than attempt to tackle what has really caused this man to shoot three people.


That is indeed a quote about Moat, they were obviously picking on him, so you can understand is hatred for the police. Don't want to see innocent people being shot - civilians or police - but I'm ashamed to admit there's a little bit of me rooting for him, purely as he's the underdog and a bit of a victim. The cops are well and truly kitted out, so a massive gun fight before he is taken out isn't out of the question.

Now that Derrick Bird on the other hand, riding around, blasting unarmed innocent men and women in the face - he's a true cunt. Would happily stamp on his head a few times.


Bouncers in the UK can afford to drive Lexus'? Holy fuck they must make dime.


I was wondering how long till it would be till someone made a topic about this.

Shit happens, life can be a bitch at times.

Invaild point bro, he shouldn't have been a twat and got sent to prison in the first place, she had every right to leave him for a BETTER man.

Shouldn't have got sent to prison then. But maybe more could be done to help ex convicts get a job that perfectly law abiding people are struggling to get at the moment. Yeah. that sounds like a good way to do things - 'Go to prison and get guarenteed a job'!

Then your fucking weird bro, get your head in check asap. You can understand how he shot an innocent man dead, shot the mother of his child, and seriously injured a random police officer? WTF?

Don't be using this guy as an example for a 'big TEST driven male', this guy IS the beta male. Admittedly he has a pretty impressive physique, and is obviously a powerful fella, but the guys mentally and emotionally weak, people deal with worse shit than what he has been through and don't end up killing innocent people. Guy fails at life and is a fucking loser.

If some bloke 'stole' his bird then he wasn't good enough, no matter how big and powerful he was, no matter how healthy and alpha his sperms are, he got sent to prison. His misses (like most women) realised he is a loser (which he is) and decided to leave him for someone who is obviously better.

It's not normal. Everyone deals with pressure, the winners cope with the strain. The losers break. Unfortunately this guy broke, BIG TIME.


Fun reading UK only thread... tons of great wordys.

'Stamp that cunt!"


Anyone heard of this 'warrior gene' that makes you more likely to snap? I think it should be called the 'batshit gene' but it sounds like this guy has it.




If some bloke 'stole' his bird then he wasn't good enough, no matter how big and powerful he was, no matter how healthy and alpha his sperms are, he got sent to prison. His misses (like most women) realised he is a loser (which he is) and decided to leave him for someone who is obviously better.

It's not normal. Everyone deals with pressure, the winners cope with the strain. The losers break. Unfortunately this guy broke, BIG TIME.




So have I. I have also experienced anger, fear, disappointment, and the whole spectrum of negative emotions after being told NO over and over again when applying for work.

That doesn't justify a shooting spree.

All the "HIGH TEST" bravado is bullshit too. A really good show of Balls is to keep trying, build a good life, and live it like it is worth what you had to put into it.

In short, you could not have been more wrong.


I think they do ok, but its a v reg lexus which means that its just over ten years old. Probably got it cheap second hand.



I agree. He's just a muggy cunt who's use to throwing his weight around to get his way. Theres nothing "alpha" or admirable about him. Ffs he shot a woman and an innocent cop. If thats what an "alpha" (God I hate that term) and testosterone driven man acts like then I would not like to be one.

The appropriate response would have been to go out and triumph over all the adversity he faces, no matter how hard it may be.


THANK YOU!! Couldn't agree more! WTF is up with people making excuses for this guy. This world caters to non alpha men which leaves the truly alpha feeling frustrated and angry?? Is that a serious response? An Alpha Male in my books acts like a man. That means dealing with the consequences of your decisions. Sometimes the consequences of our mistakes are much greater in proportion to the mistakes we make, but guess what life is not fair.

If you make a mistake and have to pay the consequences (going to jail, losing your girl, can't find work), then face them like a man. Own up to what you did to get yourself in that position and come out a better stronger person. The fact that people are actually defending this guys is really sad. This guy obviously always had anger or temperment issues and probably is generally speaking a very violent person. Evidence of that is the fact that his girl friend lied and told him she was dating a cop.

Why would she do this? Cuz she was probably scared shitless of the guy and thought that maybe if he thought she was dating a cop he wouldn't do anything. But instead of moving on and finding someone new like a real man, he shoots her bf? I really don't see how anybody could defend his actions. He's gunna get his in the end and IMO he probably deserves it, tho I don't know the entire story so I'll try not to place too much judgement.


its nice to see gun control working out so well.


Haha, its mad that people think they can control guns. I mean here in the uk we are meant to have some of the toughest gun laws around, yet there are shootings all the time. In the last week where I live in London there have been at least 2 or 3 fatal shooting within 2 miles of where I live.

Bottom line is if people want guns badly enough they will get them no matter the cost.