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Recently I have been low-carbing it a bit to get ready for the summer. I am fine all day, but in the late evening I get ravenously hungry, as if I hadn’t eaten in weeks. I know that the real answer is to just suck it up and ignore the cravings, but does anyone know of anything I can do to make them subside a bit (without downing a bag of oreo’s)?

Hi twisted
If you get a green’s product with fiber
and take a glass say 1/2 and hour before you would get hungry it helps to make you feel full, and keeps you alkiline.

Other than that if it is sugar your craving some people use chromium, or garcina cambogia, I haven’t.

Do you have candida? Ravenous sugar cravings are a symptom of candida.

5-HTP works for some in two ways, as a suppressant and it will help you sleep. It has the same effect as turkey, I call it trip-ta-turkey.
However it should not be used while on anti-depress, as it works as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. (like prozak but waaay better for you)

Are you dehydrated?

Read Temporal Nutrition Part II by Lonnie Lowry.

Other than that, I would suggest to eat some fibrous veggies to help with satiety, especially if you are watching your carb intake. Stuff like spinach, broccoli, green beans are great choices. Also, oatmeal, cottage cheese, and increased protein intake will help with those late night cravings. However, I believe Dr. Lowry touches upon the “craving” urge in that article I suggested you read, so check it out! Hope that helps

What I usually do is ask myself. “Do I really want to be lean or do I really want this”. This usually works for me. Another thing that killed my cravings was when I was taking Hot-Rox. It must have been the 5-HTP.

Thanks for the help!
Pluribus - no, I am not dehydrated. I drink about 1 1/2 gals of water per day. I am not sure what candida is, so I don’t know if I have it! It is mostly carbs that I crave though. I knock back a protein shake, and am still starving. I will try some of your advice, and will read Temporal Nutrition as soon as the search works again. Thanks again!

Ditto on the Candida first of all. If you suspect that acidophilus supps and eliminating yeast agravating foods from your diet will be required. cheese, wine, mushrooms, mayo, vinegar…

I use L-Glutamine for my sweet cravings. Takes about 30 minutes for it to work. Dr. Atkins touched on this in his book.

Good news! After researching it, it seems like I don’t have Candida, my body just really wants to be a fat boy! I will give the glutamine a shot this evening. How many grams are you taking?

I take two 500mg caps.

Fat and protein never hurt either.

That’s great!!!That you have identified it.

#1 Get some probiotics!!!
Evolution foods has a LIVE form that works fast. Live is better.

*Flora has a chewable strawberry flavored one Super 5, I would say to take on top of when you get cravings while doing your cleanse. It tricks you, I went through a bottel in a day one time, what ever it takes.

#2 NO SUGAR, kestup, tomatoes, acid foods, but mostly sugar, SURGE, honey, ect.

for 2 weeks, then slowly add back the SURGE but nothing else.

#3 Try to keep alkaline, allot of greens.

#4 Water and Fiber to help move it out of your body once the probiotics kill it off.

Use STIVEA in place of sugar, won’t spike insulin so it is safe for diabetics, Candida can’t grow on it, no calories, and it is natural.
But only use a pinch!!!
It is strong stuff
Oh and some people like the liquid, some like powder, liquid is faster, but some taste like crap.

I think it has got to be one of the most frustrating things when you’re trying to diet. It also causes other stomach problems like gas, constipation, IBS, ect.

Food sensitivity has been ass. with trigering, or as a side effect of Candida, IE lactose intolerance, wheat and glutin.

Nasty stuff!

I agree with JasonL about asking yourself the fundamental question, such as, “Do I really want to eat XYZ, or do I want to be able to see my abs on the beach two weeks from now?” That usually works. That said, though, the damn 5HTP in Hot-Rox did NOTHING to stop my carb cravings. NOTHING, I tell ya’! I’m doing the T-Dawg thing (have been for a few weeks now), and it’s f—ing torture!!! All I want is a nice heaping portion of yellow rice with my chicken, or some mashed potatos with gravy with my steak, or, or . . . or a huge, greasy pizza with pepperoni and meatball, or a heaping brownie sunday with all the fixins’ (yeeeehaaa!), or a huge chicken burrito . . . AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

E plurb, awesome advice.

I find that keeping carbs below 30g/dy solves this problem. Above that and I start to crave more. Getting these carbs in fiberous veggie form also seems to help with the cravings. Lastly, if I do get a sweet cravin, I eat one of those low carb protein bars. Ya I know they’re full of sugar alcohols and stuff, but they don’t seem to negatively affect my diet goals and I eat em only when I get an insatiable craving.

e-plurb… great advice,thank you, though I am pretty sure that I don’t have it. Does anyone know how much night time protein is too much? I am wondering if a double protein shake would do the trick.

I always use Crystal Lite when I get those sugar cravings, which happens every day. I also use sugar-free jello. You can pretty much have as much as you desire and it won’t hurt your goals. I don’t know what I’d do without these when I’m trying to do low carbs. I’m also a chocolate junkie, so I’ve gotten used to eating unsweetened bakers chocolate. I actually enjoy the taste by now!

Missed the “don’t” have it- part opps!!

Has any one tried Molitol Chocolates?

no, what are molitol chocolates?
And bakers chocolate??? I don’t think that will do the trick!

Molitol chocolates…

Right after my surgery I was complaining that I hadn’t done the ol #2 in like five days to one of my friends, and she gave me two “low carb” chocolate bars that contained molitol. After I ate one of them, I had no more worries.

I don’t know why it worked, but it worked… Better than ex-lax.


So, I will still have carb cravings, but since I will be stuck on the toilet I won’t be able to binge! Brilliant!

I thought it was just me???!!! Why does it do that to you?
I thought maybe I was sensitive to them!!! Nothing like camping on the beautiful Vancouver Island with 2 bags of ass. Molitol chocolates calling your name!!
Found out the hard way they are not for me!
They tasted great!!! Unfortunately!!!
I can’t stop laughing while typing this…

You get my point.

Oh what about those Doritos? With Olestra?

My girlfriend Deven lives in Vancouver and would get a few boxes when she went down to the US but I don’t think you can get them here. (Canada)
Any one tried them? Same effect I would guess, it’s funny what people will do instead of just eating clean.

twisted, the way I have combated cravings is by making sure that I definately have eaten more earlier in the day, that way even when cutting the last meal is not going to be so disasterous. Anothe thing is to be mentally tough, you can only get out what you put in, so with that said, of you want to get ripped, then you need to make sacrifices, and not going back to the kitchen to eat after you should be done is one of them.