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Craving killers


what do you guys do to kill cravings ?. when doin keto i used to get BAD BAD cravings for cheerios n other sweet cereals . what i did the next bulking phase i dropped the keto and ate cheerios n crunchy nut cornflakes to the point that even thinking about them killed any thoughts of sweet cereals instantly and i still cant eat them today . ive since switched to IF'ing (16/8) and dont really get cravings any more .


My cravings have slowed since eating 3 meals on IF. But I think cravings diminished significantly over the past 7 months when I cleaned up my diet. It became easier to not want to reach for fast food, biscuits, chocolate or whatever. I used to get more sweet cravings than savory/salt cravings.

A lot of you guys/ladies are in much better position BF% wise than me so perhaps satisfying the occasional craving is justified. Maybe it's just me - I'm no good in doing things in moderation and I was an FFB before so I've just got to be stricter on myself mate.


I go and eat as much of what I crave as possible, binge on it until I have completely destroyed the desire to eat it again.


When I'm dieting, I always have diet root beer, sugar free gum and plenty of little sugar free jello snack packs on hand. These, and a decent array of various condiments for cooking help a bit.



5 - 10 grams of glutamine, mixed in a little heavy cream.


Diet Fanta Lemon


I find 8 cans of diet coke will take the edge off.

I think I have a problem...