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Craving Fats like Crazy


I’ve been having some pretty serious fat cravings for the past few weeks- specifically for animal fats. It’s gotten so bad that a few days ago when my family went to eat out, I literally ate half a duck just for the skin. I’ve also daydreamed about biting into a stick of butter. The thing is, I eat a clean diet with lots of protein, enough carbs and plenty of fruits and vegetables (at least 4 servings a day). I also avoid processed snacks and added sugars like the plague. I’m also pretty sure I’m eating enough because my weight hasn’t changed and I’m never starving.
What’s going on? Is it all in my head.
Please help!


Maybe you aren’t eating enough fat…?


Maybe, but these cravings are relatively new and I haven’t changed my diet


Eating butter like that sounds like a strange fetish


No macro is evil. Want some fat, eat some fat. Hit your calorie balance targets and all will be well.

You’re welcome.


All sounds tasty to me. I think you can take some calories out the carbs and maybe protein too to make room for the fats. Duck is great. And I put butter in everything lately.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve changed your diet. Your body is trying to tell you something. Are you on a super low-fat diet? If you’re getting adequate fat and literally daydreaming about eating sticks of butter, that’s a serious problem. If you’re on a zero fat diet, then you need some fat. Either way, others might be downplaying this, but you aren’t talking about a craving, you’re talking about an obsession, and if it isn’t the obvious answer (a serious deficiency in fats), you need to talk to a medical professional.


Hi Anna,
Any chance you’re pregnant? As someone who has kids and has lived with a pregnant woman, I know a girl can get some strange cravings when pregnant. (also, no disrespect meant or trying to impinge on your personal life).


I’m 17


Eat what you want! Teenagers shouldn’t go on cutting diets


I wouldn’t go that far. Not cutting and eating whatever you want are different things.

I’d eat fruit loops on ice cream with hershey’s squeezed over it, swimmong in coke if I ate what I wanted as a teenager lol


Not a bad occasional snack for an active teenager


I read a book that said the greatest deficiency in our diets is good fats.


If you always deprive yourself of what you are craving it is less likely you will stick to a diet and end up caving and eating excessively anyways so don’t feel bad for treating yourself to whatever you want to eat once in a while. Sounds like you already have great self control with what you eat, go ahead and have some fat, it’s normal to crave it, we all do. Everything in moderation is usually the best way to go.