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Craving Appolo's Abs

I started pumping steel two months ago, and the gains are phenomenal. One of the reasons my bulking is noticeable (besides spplementing with everything under the sun) is that I’m very vascular. So, the slightest gain in muscle shows up. However, my years of beer, junk food and munchies-triggered candie gave my middle section a pretty thick layer of fat. Surprisingly, when I squeeze really hard, I’m able to discern my abs. Yet, when I let go it morphs into a protruding adipic monster that’s not easy on the eye.
I suspect a great deal of the fat to be visceral. I’m not so much worried about the cardiovascular implications because 1) I’ve been running regularly for the last couple of years and got my heart rate under 60bpm 2) am on a very strict diet with minimal saturated fats.

My question is the following: How vicious is that visceral fat (i.e: how hard is it to loose it when cutting)? Also, do people contract their abs on those shots or is their body fat so low that they show permanently?