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Question for Mr. Bill Roberts.
I am a 27 year old male. I am 5’11’’ and weigh 150. I recently aquired a six week cycle of sostenon 250(500mg’s per week). I also aquired novladex and clenbuteral, but I did not get any clomid. What can I do to prevent myself from crashing?

Joel, most guys, if they do just an 8 week cycle and completely stop injections after day 1 of week 8, have relatively little recovery problems. An exception would be if you happen to see serious testicle shrinkage – I don’t mean the “I sprayed on Androsol and 30 minutes later my testicles were shrunken” imaginary shrinkage, and for that matter not just slight shrinkage either – prior to that in which case I would stop then. That’s unpredicable: the same athlete might once go 10 weeks and have relatively little shrinkage, nothing of importance… and another time have enough shrinkage after 5 weeks to justify stopping.

But most of the time there is no trouble at 8 weeks.

I don’t know how to quantify “serious.” I think a pretty good way of putting it though is, assuming your testicle size was pretty normal to start with, when it gets to where if you meet a new woman or do meet someone new and it’s where she really is going to be wondering what happened, that can’t be right… then right when you’re on the edge of that, that’s serious shrinkage. Not because of the social consequences or embarrassment (though there’s that too) but because at that point, you’re still okay for fast recovery and can still produce substantial T once LH kicks back in, but go much past that and that will probably not be the case. And nope, you NEVER get anywhere near this in 2 weeks no matter how heavy your steroid usage! (ok, end of rant, but y’all can see why this particular point is driving me crazy, what with being, along with Brock, the designer of Androsol!)

You may or may not need the Nolvadex during the cycle as an antigyno agent. Some will, some won’t. It also has some value post cycle for recovery though it is not nearly as good as Clomid, oddly enough (though otherwise they are very similar drugs.)

Also, how you structure your training is pretty important. End the cycle with reasonably heavy weights, over 80% 1RM and possibly pushing 90%, and then in week 9, maintain those weights but cut your sets in half and possibly add one or two more rest days per week. Don’t kill yourself getting reps that you expect to be super-hard… if it looks like the next rep would be a killer if you could get it at all, leave it in reserve. Don’t tax your system too much: that extra super-hard rep won’t give you any gains but may speed losses from excess stress your system doesn’t need right then. And whatever you do, don’t keep volume high, and don’t drop the weights in that first two off weeks! By the third off week it’s okay to drop back to a lighter weight and higher reps and start a new training cycle. I am assuming your libido is good at that point… if not I’d still keep the weights up and volume reduced.

Oh, and BTW, Joel, regardless of what it says in World Anabolic Review, clenbuterol is not an effective anabolic agent in man nor is it very effective for speeding recovery (may have some slight value there but no moreso than ephedrine does, in my opinion.)