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Crashing for Hopeful TRT


I’d prefer to go the (more) legit route for test. Here’s my stats and info to start-

25, 5’10" 185 lots of strength/size loss from a nerve problem and another injury, been ready for test for years, now is a good time.

Levels are mid to low 400s, not great but not rock bottom either. So, has anyone successfully crashed from levels like this and got the Rx? I realize it depends greatly on the doc/endo.

Also, one other thing. I had some mild puberty gyno, you’d only notice it if you were looking for it today. If I just get legit stuff I understand that letro is not something I can come by from a doc if I have a gyno flareup.

Aside from quality control differences (duh), am I wasting my time trying to get a doc to have me on TRT?


Doctors aren’t going to get you gear.


Mildly disagree with KountKoma. I would recommend you work on bumping your own T production with exercise, red meat, no soy, no green tea, cut alcohol, etc…If that doesn’t work, see if you can figure what the problem is and if it can be fixed with a re-start.

If you really want to jab yourself in the ass twice a week for the rest of your life, you can crash it. Many aging clinics will treat the symptoms if your test is low normal. But, then you’re dealing with the clinic that may or may not take your insurance. One locally does that for $300 per month.

Getting from mid 400’s to low would be difficult, but possible. If you choose this route, good luck.


That’s very helpful. I haven’t tried manipulation in the downward direction before so I wasn’t sure how successful I’d be at getting into a TRT worthy level.


It’s very, very easy to crash T. My first cycle was Epistane-only, for 6 weeks. Got bloodwork a few days after my last dose. Tested at “less than 5/unreadable”. 100% crashed.


That’s easier than drinking like a fish, not sleeping, going vegan, and over training - the other option.


Do some labs, on sale now at LEF.com