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Crashing Day After Leg Day?

I wanted to create a separate thread regarding fatigue the day after a leg workout, to see if others experience the same thing and how they tackle it.

Working out the legs seems to personally put me into an almost sick state the day after, even if my leg workout is light consisting of just a few sets of lunges without weights or squats with light weight. The day after, or even several days after, I experience MASSIVE brain fog, lethargy, decreased cognitive functions which make it impossible for me to focus at work (computer). I can even take several naps during the day without feeling refreshed.

Does anyone know what could possibly cause this? I have been searching around like a maniac lately, but all I can come across is overtraining. I don’t get this from working out my upper body at all even after heavier workouts. I have tried taking 1-2 weeks off but it doesn’t help. On the contrary, my legs feel more like a pair of bruises the longer rest I’ve had since a leg workout.

Here are the affected muscles in my case:

In case you want more info about me and my condition, I am currently self-investigation myself with the help of others for a chronic fatigue found here: Sherlock My Results and Symptoms

Perhaps my leg workout is triggering some sort of autoimmune response in my body? Maybe I am just a ridiculously defective ectomorph…?

In lieu of the gospel of his swoliness Dom Mazzetti pls refer to your friendly neighbour hood medical professional for medical advice


Seems like a horrible condition to have.

Not very amusing.

I’d love to work out legs more often, but my condition is a true obstacle. Yoga and stretching exercises do little to nothing.

You could try to build up your sensitivity or lack of it to your leg training. Build up total volume etc to a normal level.

Sorry to bump this thread after over a year, but I was wondering if you ever got to the bottom of your problem?

If I do any kind of leg exercise I am wiped out for days, the cognitive symptoms are debilitating.
I’ve had to stop training legs altogether.

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