Crashed Test Causing Prediabetes?

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My first post on here. So I was just recently diagnosed with Pre diabetes at 27 years old with an a1c level of 6.1. The strange thing is I’m huge about doing my own labs. I finished my first Test only cycle about 2 months ago and LOVED IT. Put on about 20 lbs and stayed under 9% bf. Mid cycle i had labs done that I’ll upload (you’ll notice the blood glucose is in the normal range). About 1 month post cycle i go to the doctor because I’m having bad blurry vision. Blood test comes back with Pre diabetic levels of glucose. The source i got my PCT from wasn’t good and now I’m wondering if i even got real Nolvadex at all. I’ve had absolutely ZERO sex drive, strength gone down, mood is awful, depression in full swing. I’ve been reading about a correlation with low T and Pre diabetes, now I’m wondering if my Insulin resistance is a drastic response to crashes Testosterone. My diet is on point, less than 8% bf, NO family history of diabetes, carbs under careful surveillance. Does anyone have any other ideas of what this could be? Do you think I’m on to something here. I just got new labs and I’m waiting for the results. Mahalo!!! I’ve been crazy stressed lol

Not likely. Sometimes it is what it is, and you can’t avoid it. But metformin may be in your future.

Short answer no, it is highly unlikely Test caused pre diabetes. What do you consider clean food? Calories per day? Body Weight? Any HGH use?

Larger individuals can sometimes have high fasted blood sugar due to the large amount of food they need to eat to maintain size. (Palumbo has a video on this)

This is pretty normal. A PCT doesnt fix all of that, it just makes the transition easier. Your LH and FSH are both incredibly low so it looks like you are still shut down. You might want to run another PCT and you definitely want to get some more advice on that.

Thanks for the reply Braddah! Nope no HGH use at all. I’m 27 years old, 5’10” and right around 200-205 lbs at 8% bf. I just thought it was strange that my fasting blood glucose was totally fine on cycle but 3 months later I’m diagnosed with prediabtes with an A1c of 6.1. I eat about 3,300 calories a day. 265 grams protein, 300 grams carbs, 90-100 grams fat. All of my carb sources are slow digesting (mostly oats, some brown rice) then i have low GI fruits like bananas or apples 1-2 a day. I’ve read a few study that claim Testosterone is a big player in making sure insulin is used as it should be to keep glucose under control. That’s what peaked my interests because other then my pct, nothing about diet/ supplementation has changed.

My guess would be the Palumbo thing. Try cutting carbs for your last couple meals and lower them a bit for the day. Test blood sugar in AM and see if it has improved.

My last bulk I went through the same thing.

At the end of the day prediabetes is a pretty simple fix (eat less carbs) unless you are getting type 1.

AAS use is directly correlated with the development of insulin resistance… however clinical data regarding supraphysiological dosages of testosterone failed (on numerous occasions) to showcase any significant effect on glucose tolerance or insulin sensitivity. You could be an outlier, however this is statistically unlikely

Hypogonadism on the other hand is a known risk factor for the development of type 2 diabeties, look at literature regarding insulin resistance and androgen deprivation therapy, whether the development is due to testosterone suppression or changes in body composition due to induced severe hypogonadism is unknown… the link is very strong, and it appears to develop rather rapidly

I’d be more concerned about the renal panned, high creatinine can be due to vigorous exercise, high BUN may be induced by a diet too high in protein… or the parameters could be induced via AAS induced nephrotoxicity, I’d get that rechecked to see whether it’s training/diet or AAS induced

HCT is high, as is to be expected. ALT/AST may be/likely is elevated due to exercise, however it could be a result of hepatotoxicity (yes, even non c17AA compounds such as test display a degree of hepatotoxicity… far milder than say dbol but for those heavily predisposed it may have an impact)

All androgens have been implicated within the development (confined to flawed case reports aside from oxymetholone, fluoxymesterone) of hepatocellular carcinoma/adenoma

Did you use an AI on test? Screwing with T/E ratios may impair glucose tolerance as E is pivotal for adequate glucose metabolism

I just had an ultrasound of my whole abdomen and Liver, kidney, pancreas and stomach were all completely normal. The doctor seems to think the elevated liver and kidney levels are from high protein diet and Hypertrophy workouts 6 days a week. I used Arimidex at .5 eod on cycle and my Estrogen hovered right around the 15-25 level steadily. So do you think if i correct my crashed test that might “reverse” the insulin resistance?

Either the AI ai, hypogonadism (post cycle, especially if you still have hypogonadism) or dietary choices could be inducing a prediabetic state.

15 is waaaaayyyyyyyyy too low regardless of hormonal status