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Crashed Estrogen Recovery Time

I know I’ve posted about this a couple times but here it is again. I never had anxiety. I took steroids on and off for 4 years this time around I took my pct and confused my adex for tomoxifin. I crashed my estrogen for two months without knowing that’s what it was and had horrible sides. It’s been 4 weeks since. I took 25 mgs of dbol for a week and have been using 200mgs of test.

All physical side effects are gone but mental sides still randomly hit me and I get anxious And a little shaky (not nearly what it was 4 weeks ago or even a week ago!) but think that it’s never going to get better. I feel like if I don’t feel good or if someone upsets me or if I feel anything other than good, it’s because my hormones are off and it sends me into a spiral.

I do feel so much better than I did 4 weeks ago but I was wondering how long the mental sides messed with people. Could it be like ptsd from hurting my body like that for a full 2 months? How long did you guys deal with mental sides? And how long until I am confident again? Please help. Thank you!


Its possible that your e2 is still suppressed although not to the extent it was a few weeks back. Although youve stopped the ai your free t and dht could very possibly still be too high relative to e2. Thats what happens when you take an ai. It frees up t which can and likely will lead to excessive androgens relative to e2. Androgens, specifically dht antagonizes e2.

You meant to take Tamox and took arimidex, or vise versa? Not clear here. And you won’t be out of the woods at 4 weeks usually.

I meant to take tomoxifin and took adex. But I also took dbol to raise my estrogen quick for a week. Physically I feel better mentally, anxiety has been a roller coaster. Could it be in my head now? I still get twitchy and heart palpitations. That’s the part I don’t think is normal. I’ve never had anxiety before this. It’s a weird feeling.

It’s safe to assume your body takes longer than usual to recover from low or crashed estrogen.

@KSman is 0.58 A low tsh level? I’m still getting heart palpitations, feeling anxious, night sweats, and not gaining muscle back. My tsh dropped from .75 to .58 in two weeks. Do you think I’m having low symptoms of hyperthyroidism?

You’d need a time machine to get a hold of him, and then you’d only get crap info. It isn’t your TSH causing the problem.

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