Crashed Estrogen After Cycle

Was doing 500mg a week of test e for 12 weeks. Along with aromasin to control e2. After stopping my cycle I had bloodwork done at 2 weeks. Test was 700 and estrogen was 9… Obviously felt like death. I had 5000iu of hcg on hand so took four shots of 1000iu and kept taking eod until done. Started 20mg of nolva and 50 mg of clomid. Still felt like crashed estrogen death.

I waited another week and couldn’t take it so I took 100mg of test e hoping it would bring my estrogen back. (3 weeks after stopping cycle) it’s now been 4 weeks of continuing the nolva and clomid and still feel like death. I’m familiar with crashed e symptons. What can I do??? Any advice is welcomed.

Give it time bro. I know that’s not what you want to hear but that’s the reality. Just run a nolva pct 40/40/20/20 and wait.

Alcohol has been said to raise estrogen. I’m not suggesting you get plastered daily but maybe a few beers at night will speed it up but don’t use anymore drugs just run the pct and wait.

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How long do you think it’ll take? Probably hard to say. Crashed e sucks bad.

I quit drinking 3 years ago. Think na beer would have the same effect?

I dont want to speculate on a time frame because everyone is individual. I will say iv seen reports of people recovering in a matter of weeks and others a couple months.

Thats awesome man if you quit drinking for a reason then don’t even drink NA beer. But no I think it’s the alcohol that causes an increase in estrogen and honestly I don’t even know how true that is or how effective it is its just bro science iv seen around here.

Get bloods drawn a month after you finish pct and I’m guessing things will be better by then if not before

Nm I guess it has to contain alcohol.

Beer helps but if you’re sober you’d be risking basically everything to save a week of crashed E2. Not worth it. I’ll look into ways to up estrogen fast.


Thanks man. I’m considering getting my hands on some dbol… Even considered getting back on test and cruising. Ideally I would like to ot naturally but this shit sucks

Yeah I have a problem with taking everything to the extreme… Alcohol being one of them.

This Friday will be a total of 4 weeks since I ended cycle. Think the one shot I did reset my pct?

Pct shouldn’t have started til atleast 3 weeks post cycle so if you did the shot around week 3 pct either just started or was about to. Just run the nolva 6 weeks to be sure.

No don’t do that.

By the time exogenous test brings your E2 back up you probably will be close to recovering naturally.

Just chill bro Blast and cruise Is essentially a life long commitment don’t jump on the wagon without being damn sure your ready for it.

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Thanks for your help. I’m going to start chugging soy milk lol

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It’s going to take longer than you think because of the aromasin. As a suicidal AI it works differently than arimidex. Crashed e2 totally sucks, but it will get back to normal soon enough. And congratulations on three years of sobriety. Keep it up.

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How long should I give it?

Thanks man!

No way to tell. You just have to be patient and ride it out. The only other option is to just throw down a few dbol and get your e2 bumped up real quick. But that’s not a good solution given the fact that you’re still trying to recover and get back to normal.

I don’t want to derail the OPs thread, but since your here iron I just had a question. I am firm believer in not using an AI for test. However, would it still hold if your combining both test and dbol? Even if you dont suffer from estrogen sides from test alone.