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Crashed Estrogen After .25mg Anastrozole?

Can somone please help me. I am on 200-250 mg of test per week and i pin myself evryday. Before 3-4 days i notice that i was emotional and holding watter so i Took 0.25 mg of anastrozole and today i am felling Like a dog shit feeling sick an tierd as fuck i dont whis this to anyone…Did i chrashed my estrogen or i have side effects from taking arimidex.

How long have you been on test?

For year

If you’ve been on for a year then it’s unlikely .25mg of AI once crashed your e2

Why i am then felling Like shit?

No idea. I don’t know what “feeling like shit” is exactly. Can you describe your symptoms a little more?

Sorry, i am felling very tierd and sick no Drive, no motivation and energy i didnt want to GEt out of bed i didnt even train today cause i was felling Like that

Well, that could be low e2, but it could be a lot of things too, even just getting sick? Can you get some labs run? See a doc?

Could it be just side effects of arimidex? I dont understand how such small dose can chrush e2? I never had side effects of ichy nippels or Ed. But i had watter retention and i wass emotional. Honestly i dont have time for labs right now…

You’re taking hormones, for a year, and feel like shit. I’d find the time, for your health and well-being if nothing else.

Ok, off my soapbox. I seriously don’t think 1 small dose of AI crashed your e2. If you had taken it daily for a week, sure. Do you feel benefits from taking testosterone? Are you certain it’s real? If you were taking fake or underdosed gear then took an AI I could see e2 coming down too low.

But it’s all speculation. If it is crashed it should come in in 7-10 days

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When do you take your AI? Do you take it only when you fell the side effects? And what side effects do you feel

If you took 1/4 of a tab after a year on test, no way in hell it did anything to your e2. It only could have made it better.
Also, please, dont guess or ask random people on the internet to guess. You can do bloodwork and know for sure in 12 hours. No one of us here can help you worth a shit - it will all be stupid fucking guesses from our experience. Just do the damn bloods and you will see what is what in 12 hours or less :slight_smile:

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I highly doubt you crashed your E2 on 1/4 of an anastrozole pill. Maybe your stomach just doesn’t like anastrozole. Give one of the other AI’s a try. Or cut your T dose in half.
When was the last time you had a blood test?

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Normally I’d agree. But he didn’t take 1/4 of an anastrozole pill, he took 1/4 of the real estate of a UGL anastrozole pill and that 1/4 could have contained 97% of the API because UGL anastrozole is like gas station sushi: don’t fucking buy it. There’s very little chance that his dose was accurate. And with anastrozole a little bit goes a long way.


Usually I don’t take any, but if I do it’s usually .125-.25mg

Not sure if serious… you have time for steroids, AIs and internet forum, but you dont have time for the 1 thing that actually matters?

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