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Crashed E2 with 2 Doses of Adex. Worried


I was considering doing a preload but have never run test on it’s own so i wanted to see how I reacted before a mega dose. As far as the E2 crash it has been 36 hours since my last arimidex dose and I feel much much better. Still a little sore but the mental effects are gone. I should be able to hit the gym again tomorrow. Do you notice that your face bloats even when the rest of your body is not holding that much water? My face always looks so full when I am on cycle.


There’s is a lot of mixed feelings on front load… In hind sight it probably would have saved me some anxiety had I not front loaded which would have kept me from over doing the adex… From what I have gathered online if you really crash your E2 I can take weeks to start feeling better which is why I say I don’t think I crashed mine… I started noticing my erection was fairly decent but not sensitive at all and my libido had gone down… I haven’t taken adex in 3 days now and those problems are starting to go away… I probably won’t pick back up on the adex for a couple weeks or so. I’m not in the belief category that you don’t need one unless you show signs of gyno etc… I will say when I pick back up I will start my dose at .25 e3d or maybe just .25 on pin day so twice a week… Surprisingly my face tend to not hold much water but that doesn’t mean anything people hold water in all different parts of their body iv read where people complain about legs or stomach etc so it just depends on the person I hold water in my abdomen and arms mainly… Another thing I noticed when I took a bit much adex was my anxiety I’m not suggesting you don’t pay attention to signs/symptoms etc but your committed to this cycle unless your having some life threatening shit happen don’t fight the wave ride it!


Yeah I am definitely not touching adex for at least a few weeks. I underestimated how potent it is. I really can’t wait to have that sense of well being that comes while being on cycle. It was there but faded with my E2 issues. Do you notice any psychological changes so far? More confident and energy wise?


I was warned how potent it is and I still goofed off lol because I got all in my head… As far as phycological effects placebo can play a huge part in the first few days especially on a 1,200mg front load like I did I’d like to think it wasn’t placebo but science kinda shows that altho I will reach peak blood levels faster because of front load I doubt I reached it in 2-3 days lol but shit I don’t care if it was placebo or not because as far as phycological effects go placebo can be just as good as real thing… I’m coming up on 9 days on cycle so I should be just about at peak levels with the front load and the biggest thing I notice (especially after dropping adex) is a sense of well being. That and I’m always fucking hungry I can eat a full meal every 3 hours the one thing I did notice almost immediately from first pin was my recovery from the gym was great I wouldn’t be sore at all next day I felt brand new which is amazing. Now the biggest thing I focus on is diet taking in at least 350-400g of protein a day …ip be looking for strength gains in the following week or two and physique changes the next couple following weeks


Nice man how’s the progress coming? I haven’t taken adex in 6 days and I feel back on track except my libido. I noticed while my E2 has been recovering I had very strong morning and night wood. However the past two mornings I have not had wood and my libido is still in the gutter. Have you incorporated adex back in or will you wait for some high E2 symptoms to start it again?


I reread and see that you will wait a few weeks to start the adex again and not wait for E2 symptoms. I should still have low E2 so i do not understand why my face is bloated like it is. I guess less sodium and more water intake should be followed.


Ya I mean here’s the thing high E2 symptoms are very much similar to low E2 symptoms. Youl drive yourself crazy guessing without blood work… One things for sure if your joints are fucked you def have low E2. As far as holding water it’s gon a happene regardless of E2 using 500mg/week . Just keep an eye on your blood pressure if your blood pressure starts getting high then yes I would incorporate an AI. I personally am not one of the few people who can run 500mg+ of test a week and not incorporate an AI. Here’s another thought which is passed around a lot and that’s don’t run an AI until your body has time to adjust to what your putting into it (2 weeks give or take). Which is kinda what I’m doing now I’m gonna wait another week then start back adding small dose AI (altho I don’t think I got my E2 as low as yours) you might take a solid 2-3 weeks before your body is leveled out if you don’t feel normal after 3 weeks no AI go get your E2 checked and then there will be no more guessing youl know exactly where you stand and what to do


And ya cut out any extra salt from your diet and make sure your drinking a gallon+ water a day that should help cut down naturally on holding water


I will lay off the AI for a while. Reading through other posts about E2 I see a common theme and that is even when people’s E2 read >30 on a test after waiting a few weeks from their crashed E2 point they still say they feel like they have low E2. I suppose it takes a little while for the estrogen to actually bind to receptors despite there being a large amount of estrogen in the body. When I get it tested I am expecting this to be the case, my E2 might be high but the body is not binding all that estrogen. I hope that I don’t create another crash by treating the E2 at the level it states vs what the body is actually ‘using’ E2 wise. I don’t know if that explanation makes sense but I see guys on the forum posting lab results of 50 for E2 and complaining about low E2. Maybe they are confusing the low for high. Ugh this AI business is a mess. I still don’t have that godly feeling back again. It has only been 12 days since I started the testosterone cycle so hopefully in a few weeks I will feel its full potential.


Makes perfect sense I think I was actually trying to explain that in my earlier post. Your exactly right your E2 could technically not be low on a blood report but ya people claim to still feel like shit 4 weeks later because of exactly what you said. That’s why I said wait 4 weeks from now by then you will be off AI for 5 weeks if you don’t feel any better than get labs done and assess the situation from there… Really it just depends on your body some people snap back quicker than others IV read some people claiming it took 2 months etc. Idk I personally would rather have high E2 symptoms (as long as it’s not prolonged to the point where Im growing bitch tits which I’m not even sure is possible on a 3 month test only cycle) than have low E2 and barely be able to function