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Crashed E2 with 2 Doses of Adex. Worried

Hello all,

I am not on TRT. I am doing a cycle of 500mg Test E a week. I figure I would ask here because T patient’s usually take Adex while with AAS users it is hit or miss. I started with a 250mg shot on November 27th(6 days ago on a Tuesday). Took another 250mg shot on Friday. I have not had any base line blood done(not in a position to do that due to living situation). I know, I should have not started without knowing where I stand. On Saturday(12/1) I took .5mg of Arimidex at night. The next day my libido was not that high but I chalked it up to the extra Gabapentin I took. Last night(Sunday 12/2) I took another .5mg of adex. I did this because my nipples were getting a bit puffy. I should mention that two days after my first injection I felt on top of the world.

I might be mistaking the ‘puffy nipples’ for excess chest fat because since I started lifting again 6 months ago I probably went from 14% BF to 18% ‘bulking’. After I took the second Arimidex dose last night I have felt awful. About two hours after I took it I noticed my libido went down, my jaw clicked every time I moved my mouth and my knee joints were achy and also popped. I was unable to fall asleep until 4am and woke at 7am feeling slightly better but no where near normal. Last night I even had auditory hallucinations and a strong sense of paranoia. My mouth was dry and it sounded like I was wheezing my nose was so dry.

I feel no motivation to go to the gym and I am cold. I still feel slightly achy but the mental depression is the worst lingering symptom along with low energy and no libido. How long can I expect to feel this way? I just did my third shot of 250mg test E on schedule. I am reading horror stories of people never recovering from this. I might go pick up some DHEA and load up on phytoestrogens in my diet however I do not know how that will fix anything because enzymes are not allowing binding no matter how much estrogen is floating around and wouldn’t that lead to a nasty rebound?

I am definitely I felt an over responder to AI’s. I highly doubt I will redose an AI during my cycle. If I start getting itchy nips along with a drop of my libido I will micro dose as per the alcohol method. Anyone who has been through this can you she’s some light to how long it took to recover and how long you were taking the AI? I do not even feel like I am on a cycle anymore and this is very bothersome. Thank you in advance. I have run a deca/test cycle many years ago with no AI. I do not know why I decided to this time.

Few weeks. You might not feel “normal” for much longer, depending on how low you are.

When I say i felt on top of the world 2 days after the initial injection last week I had so much energy, my libido was uncontrollable, I felt a strong sense of well-being, and I wanted to lift right after I had left the gym. I know test E is a long ester and takes a few weeks to notice strength gains and size gains but I definitely felt more than placebo. Then on day three when I took the second injection(Friday) it started waning. This I am thinking was due to me abusing high doses of Gabapentin. I stopped yesterday with the Gabapentin but the low E is ruining my well-being immensely.

Shouldn’t I feel better quicker than someone on TRT due to higher doses of testosterone?

Yes. However, I have increased dose before to try and make e2 go quicker, and it did work, but it wasn’t a quick fix.

It will probably still take that long.

Id take it easy on my joints if they were hurting from the low e2 also.

Were your symptoms similar to mine? Also did you crash E2 on arimidex or Aromasin or letro?

Ok I will stay out of the gym until my joints feel ok again. At least my gains(whatever I can get while crashed) will be dry while E2 is low lol

Dry everything. Joints, eyes, skin. The skin happens if you leave it to low too long. But joints seem to be affected immediately for me.

It was arimidex, aromasin and just about every supplements that increases liver function.

Lower libido, lower confidence, you just feel off. Especially since your on cycle, you know you should feel amazing. Somewhat similar to TRT, I am fairly dialed in, so when my e2 goes low, I feel it in my knees (from prior e2 injuries) and something just feels off. I don’t feel confident, or like I want to tear it up in the gym. The Test stops working. lol

I have been struggling with dialing the AI in. I use aromasin because adex is way too much for me to handle even at tiny doses. I take a quarter dose which is around 6 or 7 mg of liquid asin the day I take my trt shot. It seems to be balancing out. Id lay off the adex and give yourself time to bounce back. Some other guys had recommended adding ashwaganda root and l-theanine for stress reduction and over mood wellness. I believe at that time I had crashed my e2 and those supplements helped me while things were balancing out. I wish I could help more man, I know the struggle is real. When in doubt, bloodwork.

I considered myself knowledgeable with AAS and often my friends ask me to plan their cycle. I never suggest an AI until issues arise. I know know the power of AI’s and I had no idea it would all hit me at once. I thought low libido and achy joints would set in over time not all at once. I definitely did not predict having a complete perception change. Once I stabilize I will try out the aromasin because I believe I am overly sensitive to Arimidex like you. How many MG of test are you on? I have ashwaghanda on hand but I never really feel any different even after taking it for months. This sucks man just like you said. I went from on top of the world to feeling like complete shit in less than an hour. I sincerely hope it is not weeks of this. I will miss that coveted week 4 of Test E starting to really work. My HPTA is shut down and I cannot even eat properly or go to the gym to make use of my cycle so far. Very irritating to say the least.

Right now I’m on 125 mg of test cyp a week. The doctor is sayimg that that’s way too much but it’s UG test, so I assume it’s underdosed. Dude, it may take a couple of weeks to bounce back but you’ve made it this far. I always worry way too much about everything when my E is off in either direction. Remember that what’s done is done, and you’re gonna pull through this bro. Try to learn from the expierience and take somthimg positive away from it. The AAS game is no joke. I’ve been learning the hard way for the duration of this year.
Try the L thianine if the ashwaganda doesn’t work. It helped me get a few hours of sleep when I crashed my e2 a few weeks ago. It wasn’t much sleep but, it kept me from being in a straight jacket the next day.
I wouldn’t try to overcompensate by pinning again. Patience is a mother fucker but, it’s necessary in this situation. If I was qualified to give medical advice I’d try to help you more bud.

So you went from itchy nipples to clicking joints in 1 wk with 1mg of anastrozole and you have no bloods to see what is really happening?
Boy if this isn’t a pure bro-science case I don’t know what is.

The high libido was what TRT guys call the honeymoon it usually last 4-7 days and it is gone for good.
The sickness you are feeling is called the tes flu. Your body doesn’t like you injecting all that T and all your systems are freaking out trying to balance themselves.

It takes 6, 8 months maybe a year of off the chart E2 and prolactin to get real gyno that requires surgery. Everything else happening with your nipples is just not gyno.
So to be safe stop the AI and wait and see what happens. That is way better than crashing your E2. My first high E2 symptom is crying about things you would never cry about.

My last bit of advice is go get a second job so you can afford private blood tests and test often until you know how your body responds to all this.

There is a good chance the mod will move this thread. I does not belong in TRT.

I noticed my nipples looked puffier, they haven’t itched. In hindsight it is just the extra bf I have put on. I came to the worst conclusion quickly and decided my E2 was high. I went from feeling great to clicking joints just 2 hours after the arimidex dose. I have been on test before and I do not get the test flu acclimation period severely. For me I get a slight flushing in my face and my body feels a little week. This happened following my first two shots and dissipated within hours, but the feeling I am describing is unmistakebly from the arimidex and taking too high of a dose. The crashed feeling is now unmistakeable and I can defferentiate between test flu and the E2 crash now. I have never had clicking joints like that before coupled with the dry feeling. It has to be the arimidex that caused it.

I agree proper blood work should be done to get to the bottom of this. I should have erred on the side of caution and left out the AI entirely, at least this close to the beginning of the cycle. I was falling asleep Friday night and began tearing up thinking about something. That coupled with the puffy pancake type nips led me to believe my estrogen was high. What a mistake. Feeling better and think I will be able to slee tonight.

Went from being on top of the world within hours of a Test injection to the depths of low e2 hell within hours of taking a milligram of Arimedex, and now back to normal just a few hours later

And I thought I was a wreck

That’s almost entirely a placebo effect. Test E takes more than two days to really unwind. Based on some of the other things you’ve said I would guess that you’re going to do more harm than good because of how you’re reacting mentally to this whole process. You imagined puffy nipples and then immediately crashed your e2. I’ve been on TRT for 19 months and have never once even thought about my nipples being puffy or itchy or anything else. You heard hoofs on the ground and assumed it was a zebra. This is classic overcorrection of a problem that may very well have not existed. If you cannot get a handle on that mentality then you’re going to go back and forth trying to correct problems that you’re causing. You crashed e2, so you’ll be tempted to up your test to counteract that, then you’ll maybe feel puffy again and tell yourself you need more adex, and then and then and then. See what I’m getting at here?

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Had a similar situation recently on first cycle altho I def did not crash my E2. I front loaded a heavy dose of test E and got paranoid about my E2 getting too high due to gaining massive water weight in 5 days so I took a bit much adex and noticed my libido decreasing…have dropped my adex dose drastically and felt better very quickly. I tend to over think shit which leads to anxiety. Sense I have stopped over thinking things are much better

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Was the bloat noticed a few days after your initial pre old pin or the next week?

I front loaded 1200mg I was up 10 lbs on scale in 5 days and felt bloated… I’m on 7th day bloats gone away now sense I think my body’s adjusted