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Crashed E2, Rebound?

I was cruising at 250 test e per week split into 2 doses. Taking .33 anastrozole eod. Got bloodwork done and e2 sensitive was at 17. I adjusted to ai to alternate between .25 and .33 still dosing at eod. Got more bloodwork done and e2 went down to 13! I’m pretty sure that my estrogen has been too low for a long time because I’ve stopped taking ai for 10 days now and I still have to same symptoms. My question is: when my estrogen does bounce back, is it likely to rebound at extremely high levels? Getting blood done isn’t a problem, but it takes ~ 10 days to get results, which is enough time for things to change again before making adjustments accordingly. When I start to feel better should I start ai again at low levels? Advice? Please and thank you!

Your E2 will rebound quickly but the symptoms take longer to resolve. I’ve crashed my e2 several times early on in TRT and it took several weeks for symptoms to resolve. Just be patient. You likely don’t need an AI period on that dose.

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It took about 4 weeks for me the first time I crashed. The second time I was given the advice to drink a beer or two before bed for a week and I was back to normal in half the time.

When does this NOT make things better LOL


Yeah, I’ve been leaning that way lately. This is not the first time I’ve crashed it

Thanks man. I’ll start that tonight. When u bounced back, did your estrogen spike for a bit?

No it did not.

Stop taking AI. If you want to deal with E2 whilst on cycle or TRT take a small amount of a serm, if you get symptoms of high E2, 12.5mg of clomid, or 10mg of nolvadex. Adjust as necessary.

Never heard of doing it that way. I’ve got a bunch of nolva on hand though. I could see how that would solve gyno issues, but would it help against water retention, oily skin, and limp dick if e2 was too high?

This is why everyone should keep some 10mg dbol tabs on hand at all time. They’re like a gun: you may not need it, but wouldn’t you rather have it and know for sure that you’re covered?

If it’s done every day to the point wherein one builds a physical dependence to ethanol it can be life shattering. However many, MANY adults do drink 1-2 beers daily, get off Scott free.

I’m thinking of someone having 4-5 before bed daily

How would you dose dbol in this situation? I have access if needed. Just take one, or take daily until recovered?

Take a small dose for a few days and then stop. That should be enough to get you back up and running without overshooting the target.

I find a serm on cycle does help with other high E2 symptoms. Nolva seems to reduce water retention better than clomid for me.