Crashed E or High E?

So I got off 500mgs of test 500mgs of mast a week and 50 mgs of dbol daily a couple months ago. I took cloumid and thought I was taking ndex but really, I was taking adex. About 4 weeks after cycle I starting having bad panic attacks, couldn’t breathe, felt lethargic, depression and suicidal thoughts (never had that before) but I was also almost going through a divorce with my wife so so I thought that was the reason mixed with coming off of gear. I decided to start TRT through my primary doctor who didn’t even check labs.

I took 200 mgs a week and started to feel like the old me watched a couple videos on estrogen control because I thought I didn’t have to take an AI and started taking 1 mg every other day of adex because I’m prone to gyno and that’s how much I always take. My gyno still hurts but now I’m feeling lethargic again, my back and legs hurt, my anxiety is through the roof, and I can’t go to sleep without my heart starting to race.

Did I crash my estrogen? Is it too high? I got test labs in finally and my doctor didn’t even test my estrogen. :man_facepalming:t3: My test is way back up to 1200. But why do I feel like this? Is the AI too much? J Campbell says to not even use one? What should I do? I don’t want to keep having these gnarly ass swings. Please help.

1mg EOD will crash almost anyone’s estrogen

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It sounds like you crashed your estrogen on a whopper of a dosage of anastrozole, that dosage is enough to cause osteoporosis in men.

Tamoxifen is normally used to treat gyno. You should adjust your dosage/injection frequencies if you are experiencing any side effects on TRT.

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Would I still have gyno though?

It could be that your hormones are fluctuating, I get burning sensations in my nipples in the 5th week after dosing changes and is transient and by 6 weeks it’s gone.

How do you know it’s gyno?

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Also, how long till I stop having panic attacks and fatigue?

I’ve been treated for it on multiple occasions due to steroid use in the past.

The most adex I take now .25 mg once a week just keep me in or near the normal range. If I don’t after two weeks I’ll start feeling the occasional tingling in the chest area.

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Okay, but does anyone know how long it will take for me to bounce back from this? How long does the anxiety, fatigue and heart racing last?

I can only tell you of my experience, when I stopped anastrozole I experienced the E2 rebound effect as the anastrozole detached from my aromatase enzymes where estrogen skyrocketed higher than before I started treating the high E2, let’s just say it wasn’t fun.

It took me about a week to get out of the woods, but longer for joints to heal. I would adjust your protocol and stay off anastrozole if you can.

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If you want to raise estrogen faster drink a beer or two before bed every night for a week. It made me come back in 2 weeks vs 4 weeks. If you want it to come back in a matter of days you could use low dose dbol but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Dude that’s insane. You most definitely crashed E2. I take 200mg/week with no AI and previously had gyno as well (before TRT) with no issues and my T levels are quite a bit higher than yours. Take Tamoxifen if you get gyno.

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Are the side effects from the high E2 worse than the crashes E2?

Nothing is worse than crashed or low E2. I would say low E2 together with low-T is worse than low-T and high E2.

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Do NOT take adex, you need tamoxifen/nolvadex for gyno, not an AI.


Legit, thank you guys. I really just needed to know it’s because my e2 crashed and not that I’m losing my shit. I’ve never had anxiety or depression before all of this but I came off of gear the same time a lot of crap happened in my life. I was doing really well last week after getting on TRT for 3 weeks and then everything crashed. It has to be e2. You guys helped relieve a lot of the anxiety by just helping me confirm this. Blessings. :metal:t2:

Do you have gynocomastia or mastalgia?

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Gyno. Got it as a teenager and it kicked back in on my first cycle 4 years ago.

Sorry to hear youre going through a divorce. It can be stressful. Find a new chick to bang if you dont have one. Meditate every day for 2 weeks, and drink some beers, hopefully with a caring lady friend that sees you for the man you are. What happens often is were not happy or shes not happy. Things fall apart. But now you get a chance to be your own man again. Meet plenty of women, make friends and bang a few. The thing to take away from all of this is… don’t be a pussy in your future relationships. You’re a cornerstone and you’re expected to be one. Work out and slay!


But in all honesty, are we pretty sure it’s a crashed e2? I won’t ask again if that’s what everyone agrees to. Haha

Symptoms point to it. Just from what he is stating. But labs have the last say in this. Otherwise, its general anxiety due to loss of a relationship. So best cure is a couple of beers a night, and some good ole fashioned pussy.