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Crashed E, But How?


February my estrodiol was at 8.5 (8-35) range while injection 50mg 2x a week and taking .25 anastrozle… So I eliminated the AI and and kept injections the same, e2 went up to 28… decided to go EOD injections of 25mg and added DIM around then… Just got labs back from that protocol because I felt something was off and figured it was high E2… labs told me new protocol brought by E2 down to 5.5 (8-35 range)… how did I crash my e2 without an AI? Is that possible? What should I do next?? Test is at 767 and my shgb is usually around 39-40 (range of 16-50)


DIM. What did you think DIM was for?

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I never thought it would have that much of an effect. Some people say it doesn’t do anything for them. Eliminate dim and go back to 2x week injections and retest in 6 weeks???

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I thought that help control the radicals not actually eliminate E2


Maybe you didn’t need to manage estrogen in the first place, you never had high estrogen.


Is this a serious question? You took DIM

DIM works… Maybe not for some people.

I always caution people about it.


DIM changes e2 into e3 and e1. That’s all it does.

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Yes it’s a serious question, because so many others close to me never had this kind of a reaction. Wasn’t until this forum that anyone talked about the possibility of DIM crashing it. Even the clinic the prescribed said it wasn’t possible. But I trust the people on here more then the ones in the clinics most of the time. I did run E2 sensitive lab again this morning, just Incase it was a lab error…


Im just shaking my head right now. How stupid.

Lets backtrack.

First, you shouldn’t take anything else to control e2. (UNTIL YOUR GROWING TITS) seriously.

If DIM is lowering it that much, you don’t need it. (e2 control)

If you don’t listen to this advice, your TRT journey is going to be a nightmare, trust me. I could barely walk for 2 years because I kept my e2 in that range, WITH DIM.


What are you at right now?

Whenever I crashed my e2 I would inject considerably more test to feel better faster, if your not careful you can put yourself on a roller coaster, so only do that if you know what your doing.

Whats your SHBG like?


That’s why I am on the forum. To talk to the ones who have been through it… not take advice from the people who make money off of it… I stopped Dim immediately and upped my t because tt was in range and free t was low…

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Its good you realized something was wrong.

Your next goal is to successfully figure out which are YOUR tell symptoms of high and low e2.


Second e2 sensitive test came back at 4 (8-35 range)

I appreciate you and others pouring your experience and knowledge of my situation into me.

Feeling numb, kind of depressed and just off which makes me feel anxious… pretty vicious cycle for sure… good thing for me and my marriage I can still function when the time comes. Lol

went away from DIM and EOD injections back to 2x a week… can’t wait to not feel like trash. Any idea how long that will take? Lol