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Have any of you seen the movie Crash by director Paul Haggis? Race has been a hot topic around here lately and I finally got a chance to watch the movie last night and I was blown away. It was an absolutely great movie and it really gives the viewer a lot to think about.


I liked the movie too, even though I try to hate the trendy movie of the year, this one was pretty good. A lot of unexpected moments throughout the movie.


Just saw it last night. One of the best mainstream movies to come out in quite a while.

I also agree, in that it makes you think. In fact, I'm thinking right now.


I like how it tackled just about every race.


Watched it last night. I thought it was well written, and interesting how all the characters tied in without even knowing about it. It was a good movie, but I did not enjoy it at all. There really wasn't much of a story, just several events happening at once. Several scenes were overdramatic for the sake of being dramatic. I was not entertained by it, mostly just made to feel uncomfortable. And as far as the thought inspiring race issues, nothing new and nothing most of us don't deal with regularly, it was just Hollywood putting it on the screen for us (feeding us thoughts).


I saw it this summer when it came out and was deeply moved. Very well done. I'm showing it to my students in two weeks when we talk about perception and intercultural communication.


Saw it. Loved it.



You beat me to it! I just saw that movie last night and was going to make a post about it asking the same questions.

Very thought provoking movie.


agreed, saw it over the weekend myself.

Matt Dillon did a really good job, and Ryan Phillipe was impressive as well, strangely enough.

Don Cheadle holds movies together, I'm more and more impressed by his work ever since Boogie Nights.

Interesting that they chose L.A. as the backdrop. I guess they were looking for the largest of melting pots and Los Angeles fits that bill.

I think what pleased me most was how they took the high road in almost all of the situations, the director didn't get shot, his wife didn't die in the car fire, the shop-keeper didn't kill the little girl, the Asian man didn't die, Luda set the imigrants free...

Only to set up the optimism though, as those of us who've seen the film know of the tragety that happened in the end...



Saw it last weekend. I knew nothing of it and while not normally a "sensitive" type of person, I was about to shut it off after the first few scenes. Very few things piss me off more than what was displayed in the begining. Somehow, I got sucked in and am very glad I watched it all the way through.

Very poignant, touching at times, infuriating at times and yes, it makes you think.


I felt the same way. I have been in a few situations like that (being pulled over for simply being in the wrong neighborhood) so it was a little like how American History-X made me feel upon watching the first half of it.