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Crash (lifts and stuff)


Here you go way to fast, you don't slow down your gonna...

This is my first post.

I am starting a log to keep me going, with out one it would be too easy to slack off. I do lift and I may add my lifts to this log later, but right now I want a place to track my sprinting.

I used to sprint years before as part of my workout, but I have just started adding it in now. I took a few years off of working out and sprinting and I have been back lifting since January this year, yes I am one of those annoying New Years Resolution people.

This is how my first sprint workout went.

Found park to sprint in(I had to check out 3 of them to find one suitable)

Picked a distance to sprint. Jogged that distance 6 times back and forth.


High knees back and forth 1
Skipped back and forth 1
More stretching

Build up sprints
-Back and forth (with a rest in between): more of a fast run than a sprint
-Back and forth (rest in between): faster than last time. (the tendon that connects to my heel was waking up at this point)
-Back and forth (rest in between): faster than last time (I felt I was close 90%-95%?)
-Back and forth (rest in between): For a couple of seconds felt like a full sprint :slightly_smiling:

Walk home then big stretch at home.

I found this recommendation in an old thread for a possible sprint routine

3X30 butt kickers
3X30 high knee kicky things
3X30 both sides lateral running
3 to 5 build up sprints

Then get in to the meat of your workout.

I sort of did the warm up part for this one. I hurt my heel the last time I tried to throw sprints into the workout so I am being a little cautious this time.

[edit] I changed the title to reflect what's going on in here and will probably change it again. :slightly_smiling:


Hey. Welcome to PW! You aren't an annoying new years resolutioner, because you are still training :-p
I look forward to learning about sprinting from your log.


Thanks for the welcome alexus!

These are the articles I found here with some sprinting.

I am still searching for more.

The lifting program I am using is the 531 but modified for a beginner. I found it in this article.

Squat â?? 5/3/1 sets/reps
Bench â?? 55%x5, 65x5%, 75%x5
Assistance work

Deadlift â?? 5/3/1 sets/reps
Press â?? 5/3/1 sets/reps
Assistance work

Bench â?? 5/3/1 sets/reps
Squat â?? 55%x5, 65%x5, 75%x5
Assistance work

So far okay.


Welcome! A sprint log! How cool. Another British Columbian too. I'm looking forward to hearing about your training.


Hey Charlie: Welcome. I'm excited for your log. I'm a distance runner looking to bring a little spring/speed back in to my step. I'm looking forward to reading about your training.


More welcomes from DebraD and Nadia! Thanks.
Is that you in your avi Nadia? Gymnasts seem full of spring and bounce already lol.
Yeah BC especially for training outside (if you are in the Frazer Valley that is).

I will be doing my sprint work outs on Monday and Wed(if I can handle it) of Thursday(if Wed is too soon)

Inspiration: Flo Jo. The hair, the talons, the crazy one legged outfits.


<3 Sprints!!

Will be reading along.

EDIT: Flo Jo scared and fascinated me as a kid; must have been the talons.

Gail Devers, I could handle.


It has been my heartfelt belief that sprints give the best glute and hamstring development.


Hey two more people visiting my log cool.

Hi MaximusB (are you just Maximus or is there another guy who is Maximus?) and I totally agree agree about what sprints can do for a body.

Hi Skyel7 there is another sprinter ,Carmelita Jeter, who edged out Marion Jones for 2nd fastest in the 100m still far off from Flo Jo though. She is less scarey. lol

I am doing a deloaing this week as I am recovering from a fever on the weekend, but I did do my fist sprint workout, that is with actual sprints not just buildups:-D Because in my opinion getting started is the hardest part.

So here are my best lifts from last week with the corresponding percentage (I am doing 531 so the percentage is percentage of 90% of 1rm)

Squat 80lbs (95%)x6
Bench 75lbs (90%)x6
Deadlift 127lbs (85%)x6
Overhead press 65lbs (85%)x5
Plank 2min (none gym day) 1min 30secs (gym day)
After my deload I will restart the last week for DL and OHP and add 10lbs to the 90%(of 1rm) squat total and 5lbs to the bench.

So on to sprints.

Warm up:
Walk to park 30mins
Get to park and measure out 20m
Jog across field for about 5mins.
Walking butt kicks 40m
Walking high kicks 40m
Sideways runs 40m (I think I will do more of these next time)
Buildups 5x30-40m

Sprints: These are self timed and I found I will have to practice both my falling starts and self timing next time before actually sprinting.
4.75, fail(at timing), fail(at timing), 5.44(lost footing at start), 4.88.
*I don't feel the sprints were at 100% at any point.
I like to do most of my warmup back and forth across the area I will be sprinting so I can get rid of anything that might trip me up like a pine cone.
Walk home. Big Stretch.
The goal is to work up to a full out sprint for 60m by the end of summer. I am also going to see about joining a masters track and field club.


Oh and I went looking for girl bands of the 90s on youtube and now this song is stuck in my head.

This is definitely one of my ear-worms catchy tune though.
Happy Tuesday! (It wont be Tuesday for me until I sleep)


sorry to hear about your fever. hope you feel better soon. i can't run, unfortunately, as I'd really like to sprint for the fast-twitch thing and the glute development. maybe i can jog a bit one day, but pretty sure sprinting will never be on the cards for me. glad to be living it vicariously through you.


hopefully a good follow up to the DJ

Welcome. Not much of a sprinter but willing to read along with your progress.



I was looking through your posts and didn't see it if you mentioned it anywhere...what distance sprinting did you do in the past?

I think sprints are the absolute God damdest thing in the world for your body. In high school, I lost a bet and had to run the 100m as a part of me losing the bet (I was a shotputter.) My big ol' ass could barely fit in the blocks, big ass being around 260 lbs at 5'11. I ran a 12.0 getting 3rd place LOL, but nearly collapsed at the end.

I also tend to think that running 400m sprints are hell on Earth. Legs destroyed, lungs on fire, you can eat stirred fried shit and get lean doing those.


For me once puberty set in running was out, I was at least a DD by the end of 7th grade. Before puberty I was more into sports like baseball and basketball, after puberty I did try my hand at discus and shot put:).I had a reduction at 25 so this is when I started getting into running and sprinting. When I added in sprints to my workouts it was just to aid in improving my recovery time, to be able to go 100% stop and get the heart rate down faster so I could go again(just clarifying that I didn't mean injury). I was advised to use sprints and lots of leaping exercises. What was I training for? Ummm pro wrestling. I did it off and on for about 5 years. I only ever worked the indies. No money or fame just fun and pain.lol But I never measured my distances or timed them back then.

12.0 for 100m is great for someone who wasn't sprinting at the time.
I was thinking of changing my goals to being able to hold a 100m sprint by the end of summer 60m seems short and yes 400m are brutal.


Hi nlmain.
And yes the Breeders are a good follow up!


alexus-unfortunately I am not an expert on physiology and exercise so I cannot really offer an alternative, other then if you wanted the same cardiovascular effect there are alot of HIIT stuff that would work. It looks like you go all out for a time then active rest then all out again, etc. I have seen some intervals listed that are low impact. Have you tried HIIT?

Sprint Workout Wednsday
Technically this was done after midnight so it is Thursdays workout but I consider it Wednesday until I sleep then it's Thursday.

Warm up:
-Walk to park
-Jog for a bit
-Measured out length (30m this time)
-Butt Kicks 60m
-High Kicks 60m
-Lat run 60m
-Build ups 4

I had a problem with coordinating my starts and setting of the stop watch so after the 6th try I gave up on the timer and just did 3 more sprints. I think I'll try doing 3 sprints first before trying to time them next time.

-Times: Failed Start, F.S., F.S., 8.47(Thought I had stopped the timer but I hadn't lol), 6.37, Fail, 3 more untimed sprints. Nine sprints all together.

Cool Down:
Walk home.
Stretch at home.

I will change my goal to full out 100m sprint by??? July?

I'll do 30m next time, so I can get some bloody times for it, then move up to 40 after that. I think next week I will try to test 20m timings.

Now some Peaches and Ninjas!


Hi Charlie,

I have no training advice.

Just wanted to say hi.

so, Hi~


wrestling! cool!

pics or it didn't happen!



cardio stuff kind of interferes with my smoking... i do fartlek style sort of intervals on the Adaptive Motion Trainer (extremely low impact) alternating between a light jogging kind of motion and a lunge / sprint with the hamstrings / glues as hard as I can kind of motion. occasionally. 20 minutes of that and I seem to need to sleep for about 4 hours in addition to my regular sleep. guess that means i'm just really deconditioned.

i'll get back into it in conjunction with my next quit attempt (cardio is the only thing that keeps me a non-smoker).

but really, i'm just happy to be learning about training sprints and living it vicariously through you. there are so many things it would be cool to do... bodybuilding, gymnastics, powerlifting, endurance running, martial arts, strongman, volume training... i can't do all of them. thats what i enjoy about the training forums... get to feel like i'm participating in so many different things by living it vicariously through the people here.

Do you do a start like... a start from sprint blocks that they use in the olympics? i actually don't know anything about sprinting. except for something about power to start to hit maximal acceleration as fast as possible then coasting once you hit max speed (which takes a whole heap more effort than it sounds like, I bet).


Hi Charlie. Sorry that I'm late to the party.

I like your log already. Music and sprinting. I'm considering doing some track work later this spring after I finish my current GVT program and go back to the heavy shit/lower volume. I'll certainly be following along to fish for ideas and to cheer you on! You go girl.

My sis has DD's and desperately wants a reduction. She wore 3 bras at once as a H.S. cheerleader. Crazy ridiculous! Sounds like yours was a good move. Now you can run!


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