Crash Diet vs Slow Diet With Pharma

Just a thought I’ve had about cutting down for guys who are using PEDs. I lost some muscle due to a nerve injury recently. I was cruising during that period on 175 mg/wk test (nerve injury occurred during the cruise, and I didn’t start a blast until better). Before the nerve injury I did a touch and go bench with 385 lbs. Before the blast, I got up to a single with 325 (missed the second on a set of doubles). 4 weeks into the blast I did an easy 350 lbs. I think that means that most of the muscle came back quick. I guess my point is that any lost muscle is gained easier than newly built muscle (both naturally or enhanced, but it is really easy enhanced).

Now because of how fast muscle comes back (especially with PEDs), does it make more sense to diet hard for a month, lose a bunch of fat and muscle, then blast and put it all the muscle back on quickly, or slow cut on TRT (cutting would be done on TRT / cruise for either method), then blast again. I guess what I am thinking is that strategy on cutting / bulking might be different if PEDs are used. Might be more efficient to cut really hard, since the muscle comes back so so fast on gear.

I know @hankthetank89 has used this method in the past.

What I am thinking is continue to bulk during my current blast. Go down to TRT / cruise, cut hard for a month, then do a month of blast to put on any lost muscle during the cut. The month of blast would probably be just Tbol stacked onto TRT.

I would bulk hard, then go on a cruise and cut slow. If there is something left to cut, go into more agressive cutting on a cycle for cutting(maybe first 4 weeks) and then turn that cycle into a new bulk.

The last time i went off a blast and started a cruise i did cut some 20lbs pretty fine and the only strenght i lost was cuz i was on lower gear, not that i lost much muscle. I dont think you actually lose the muscle you would keep after a blast, if you cut slow on a cruise.

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I don’t plan on getting too sloppy. Or at least I hope not. Therefore, I am thinking straight into aggressive cut after a bit of maintenance.

I would rather just lose some muscle, since I seem to put it back on really quickly while blasting in a surplus.

I have no real comment on the diet question, I think that is more personal preference than anything.

But IIRC, these peptides I am running are also good for healing/rebuilding nerves. Maybe it is a little too late for that now, but just a tidbit of info.

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I did not know that. I still don’t know exactly what happened, but it got better over time. I have thought if I get any other injuries, I’ll run those though.

I would stretch these durations both out. Cut for minimum of 8 weeks followed by the blast.

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I suppose it would have to do with how fat I am, and the level of leanness I was going for.

I guess I am shooting for over 200 lbs at 12% at 5’10". I am about 212 ATM, some water though. Probably 15% BF. I plan on riding out the gaining phase since I do want some more size.

I probably could do Tbol for 6-8 weeks as a just put on the muscle I lost cycle. By the time I get there, I’ll be wanting to be ready to be shirtless lol. Don’t want the wet look of high Test in the summer.

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Harder cuts of shorter duration always worked better for me. I can’t really stay focused beyond 5-6 weeks, even using something like a GLP-1 I had to take little 2 weeks breaks during my 16 week cut (that made it 20 weeks total). It might not be the healthiest way, but we all know how healthy all this is in the end


This is what got me thinking. Whenever I’ve done shorter cuts with a bigger deficit, I get results, and stay motivated for that short period of time. Longer cuts for me usually don’t pan out. I lose a bit, then stay there as I lose motivation and cheat more on the diet. I think maybe that strategy (big deficit shorter cut) might work pretty well with guys using AAS. I know the slow cut is more optimal for natty guys, but with how fast we can put on lost muscle as enhanced, I don’t know if it makes sense.

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How aggressive are we talking? 2-3lbs a week or ?

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My input probably isn’t very helpful for most people who feel a need to lose fat. I had always been relatively low percent body fat. I never have felt the “social” need (I don’t know how else to label it) to lose fat.

The only times I ever felt the need to lose fat was for a contest. I tried to stay within 20 lbs of my non-dry stage weight. And only attempted to lose fat on AAS’s.

I hope that was of some help.

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What were some of your go to drugs to combine with your calorie deficit?

It really doesn’t matter which AAS’s, just over 300mg/week. If you are using “wet” AAS’s the scale can be a little misleading. I always used caliper measurements to monitor body fat reduction. Also the mirror.

Obviously nearing the contest I needed to be taking the “dry” AAS’s

Yeah, in that range, probably closer to the 3lbs a week. First week would probably be more due to water weight. Maybe in a one month cut shooting for 12-15 lbs, which about 5 would be water. If still have good hormones on cruise, so that helps with muscle retention, and 4-8 weeks of adding a mild oral after would probably have any muscle lost back again.

I’d be tempted to try this. I know dexa scans aren’t liked around here but I could get one, then go on a suicide cut with TRT or TRT + for a month then get another scan and see what happens :man_shrugging:


I think it’s frowned upon for the general population here which is natty. I think it makes sense in that context. I’d say do the cut on just trt for a month, then for a month do trt plus (just add a mild oral).

I’m basing this strategy on the idea that AAS should be used to build muscle.

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But on the other side of the coin, there is no better way of losing fat while retaining most all your muscle than when using AAS’s.

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Yeah that makes sense. We can preserve more muscle using AAS on a steep cut, and also build any muscle lost quicker using AAS on our blast afterwards. So I’d think you can push the boundaries more based on that. so 2-3 lbs per week wouldn’t be crazy

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Yes, i agree - it is a social need and i was and maybe still am a victim of that. Many men believe that if they dont have low bodyfat they are unattractive. I am working hard to lose this mentality as i am fat for 2nd year in a row now, lol.

Also agree… I dont think its needed much if you dont go too agressive. And even if agressive, i believe that even high dose tren wont help - i believe i used to starve myself into the ground while on tren also, lol.

@mnben87 - last time i cut i did a different approach. I did bulk days and fasting/cutting days. Bulk days were my gym days and cutting days were my cardio days. On bulk days i ate like maintenance or 500-1000kcal over. On cardio days i tried to have a 2000-3000kcal deficit.
Also took slin on the bulk day, and GH in the morning on cardio/cutting days.
The bad thing was that the process was a bit slow, but the good thing was that i was never flat and weak. One day you eat normally and then the next day you skip breakfast, do some cardio, eat only clean, maybe a lil less but its ok cuz you know that tommorrow you will eat a bit more again.


Semaglutide + more cardio and that’s doable.

Semaglutide + low dose DNP and that’s doable and then some.

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