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Crappy Job, Awesome Gym?


So pretty much I'm finishing up a 3 month internship in a city that's new to me, and it's been made fairly clear that I'll be offered a full time position afterwards. I love the city a ton, and have found an awesome power lifting gym here, which is a totally new experience for me. I'm used to training pretty much by myself, and training at this gym with world class athletes has been beyond amazing. But the thing is, the job I have is totally lame, and there just doesn't seem to me any available work at other companies in the area.

On the other hand, I do have a couple other opportunities in other cities, the most promising of which is in the city where I just spent the last five years earning my degree. Any of these jobs would likely be far more enjoyable than what I'm currently doing (pay and benefits are all around the same, so I'm not really basing any decisions off that), but there are no gyms or places that will offer the same sort of atmosphere or the expertise that the other members have been able to pass onto me.

So my question is this... Is it worth it to stick with a very boring job to pursue a passion and my personal goals, as well as keep exploring a city that I've already come to love? Or is it a smarter idea to find a job that I'll actually enjoy and lose out on the team training aspects? Its like comparing apples to oranges... I have no idea which is more important to me.


Well, it's time for some introspection so you can discover what is more important for you.

For what I can see from your post, I think you want to stay because you like the city (and the gym). So the job is not good and you say that there aren't more jobs available...yet. So maybe in some time a good job will appear in that same city.

So, try to find out what is more important for you, although I think you want to stay.


It would take more than a great gym to make me stay in a dead end job. If the job is boring but good for your career long term, then stay. If better opportunities present themselves elsewhere, then weigh pros and cons long term, not just the immediate salaries.


You will spend more time at work than at the gym. Prioritize accordingly.


^This, plus the gym most likely will not have any impact on your future career advancement.



What happens if you get injured? Then the gym will be more or less worthless and you will still have to go to a boring job.

Think hard about what you want your life to look like, and then consider how to get there. If working where you are now isn't in alignment with what your ideal life is, then a powerlifting gym is no reason to stay. The thing is, there are actually really good lifting facilities all over America. You aren't limited in that respect. Powerlifting/Iron sports in general are becoming much more popular. I have confidence you will find a good crew in any place you wind up.


Do you work to workout?

There ya go.

  1. Are you Married?
  2. If not which city has better women?
  3. Hobbies are hobbies and work is work


My education is plastics engineering technology, which I chose because it was very hands on. This job is essentially project management, and is the exact opposite of hands on. I know that I'll go crazy if I keep working this job, but goddamn do I love Portland. I'm just sorry to have to leave so soon.

BTW, in the three months I've been here, I've had two of the weirdest/funniest sexual experiences of my life thus far-- Sex with a girl that's about a foot taller than me and being involved in an orgy of sorts. This may or may not play into wanting to stay here a little bit.