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Crappy 'Dbol'

Curious if you can help me figure out what kind of shit I have. I bought 100 x 10mg tabs UGL dbol from a new source at my gym in desperation after my international order was seized by Canadian customs. I only went with the new source because I was looking forward to finishing my 6 week 700mg/w test e cycle with 4 weeks of dbol. With the delay in the intl order, it was already too late for 4 weeks use, but I figured I’d do at least 2 weeks while waiting for test e in my system to drop adequately to start SERM PCT.

I loved my last run of good dbol, but I am just not liking this particular shit. After 1 week at 30mg/d I have made the following observations:

  1. They are hard on the stomach. Must be taken with food.
  2. They haven’t given me much strength or water bloat.
  3. My morale seems negatively affected; whereas the last time I used good dbol, I felt fantastic and strong as a bull with water bloat.
  4. They make me dizzy.
  5. The tabs are white with absolutely no identifying etchings and the picture I found on the Internet (for this UGL lab which is supposedly quite decent) has them as purple.
  6. The guy who sold them to me assures he used them recently and got great gains from them.
  7. The container was sealed with a membrane top under the plastic screw on lid, but there was no plastic covering around the lid indicating it hadn’t been tampered with.
  8. I was thinking maybe the real product had been removed and a decoy put in.
  9. The container noted 100 tabs and there were 105.
  10. I do get the flushed face after eating and overheating that I remember with past dbol.
  11. My appetite is not as stoked as it was on the last good dbol I used.

From what I have researched, the lab is Russian based UGL and they have decent products. Apparently this make is more available in Canada and hardly at all in the USA.

this is the only plain white tab dbol i have ever seen.is this what you have.

I took this shit called bianobol when I was like 20 and all it did for me was make me shit constantly.

No, see the attached picture. I believe we are supposed to obscure lab name.

This was the first kick-ass dbol I used in my last cycle.

BTW, the first picture (in plastic bottle) has tabs as purple. Mine were white and as I said non-descript with no markings. They are not as porous as dbol normally is either. They are smooth and have a splitting line on them.

Sounds to me that the contents have been exchanged - it is easy to remove those membranes and reattach them with a little glue.

But i feel very little from dbol even at 50mg/wk in the first week.

You are notorious for analyzing your experiences a little too deeply, and in the case of drugs it can very easily make one feel things that are not there… if you begin looking for anxiety, anxiety will follow, especially for a mind like that.

As i see it, you have 2 options - get a decent source and re-order from them… dianabol is ridiculously cheap.
OR, take them for a longer duration and see what happens.

It is obvious which is the safest, and whilst it is a pain in the arse, i would replace them - whilst emailing the source suggesting they interrogate their packers, as the items you used were not methandrostenolone - and you have extensive experience with it and would like a replacement.

It wouldn’t hurt.



These were from a local source at my gym. 100 10mg tabs for $110 Cdn. As I explained, the ANABOL 5mg/1000tabs intl order was seized by Canadian customs - that is the only reason I tried this untested local source. I am awaiting a reship, but it will take several weeks before it is in my hands.

I also suspect the contents was switched. Only problem is my local guy got it from his guy and my guy doesn’t seem to know better. He said this stuff is primo.

I know I have doubted past AAS quality, but I think I have been pretty much accurate to date. The first test I got was definitely underdosed. The first dbol I got (pictured above with a kick-ass description) wan excellent. I picked up some test e from a friend in Europe and it was also very enjoyable.

As for analyzing too deeply. Hell yes, we all have to be discerning as to what we are introducing to our bodies. We have to strive to ensure that it is indeed what it is purported to be and that it is good quality. I am building my source portfolio slowly but surely, so much of this annoyance can be eliminated in the future.

As for a refund, I think I’ll just sell this local guy some of the decent quality dbol I am expecting at an outrageous price as payback and to educate him on what effects good quality dbol evoke.

On a side note Brook, I must say you are back to your lucid best. The contrast of intelligence and confidence relayed in your posts between now and several months back is astonishing. It sounds like your training , nutrition and bf% is spot on too. Good on you!!

Are you sure your not chasing the dragon?

Just a thought I had. I know that awesome feeling that you get from orals and they tend to really leave an impression that is a bit subjective and not objective like a chemical analysis would be.

All I know is that this dbol experience pales in every way compared to my first. I just ran 6 weeks of test E @ 700mg/w and enjoyed that.

Well give it some time. See what happens. You never know it might take some time to really kick. Also you body could be “use” to it being there. So it might be slightly under dosed and you could be fixating on it. If after a period of time up the dose and see what happens. I guess that is all you can really do.

Actually I’m running it at 3 x 10mg/d and only for another 5 days max. The reason for ending it then is because that’s when my blood level of test e will have dropped enough to start my toremifen PCT.

Maybe, I’ll ask the guy who sold it to me if he wants to buy the remainder back since he raves about its potency!!

Yeah might as well. Either that or he is a good salesmen. That sucks. I hate hearing about shitty gear.

I took 2 more 10mg tabs today and am desisting as of this moment with this crap. It isn’t worth a pinch of shit!!

it could be methyltest

i read a report recently where people where substituting methyltest because its cheaper than the other steroids

a lot of famous brands contained the wrong stuff like test was being sold in tren and deca bottles etc

That’s interesting, the guy who sold me fake gear my first time also had white pills he claimed were dbol. I’m sure those were fake too.

Sorry DH, that’s gay.

Thanks for the input guys. I am confident that after 7 days of 3 x 10mg/d use one would know if dbol effects were present. My strength certainly did not increase, nor did my weight. I also felt like shit much of the time for much of those 7 days. I don’t know what the effects of methyltest are, but effects like that - I don’t need.

I just counted the remaining tabs. Out of 105 in my 100 tab bottle (there were 5 extra), I have 81 left. Who in there right mind would stop dbol after so few tabs if it were any good?

its funny, i remember asking you bout problems with dbol a week or so ago DH. While you guys are on the topic do you know anything about 10mg tabs, they are little blue hearts? Bin takin same dosage as you are for 4 weeks now, and all im getting is occasional lower back pain. what brand do you suggest personally DH? A lot of claims from close friends that this shits the real deal and they love it. I just cant seem to get anything out of them… thanks

they could just be underdosed ,i would try 100mg per day for a couplle of days to see if its any better

MMA, Yes I remember you had the same problem as me. I was experiencing a bit of back pump on mine too.

It’s tough to say which is best, because even though dbol is cheap to make, there are always those who counterfeit it anyway. You can buy the best name and it can turn out to be shit. You can buy liquid suspension, powder, or an unknown brand and it can ramp you up like crazy.

The best advice I can give is form a relationship with your source and if you trust the source and they ensure good quality gear; then yours should be OK. Also if you have friends you trust that have had good experiences, they can point you in the right direction. I am not talking about individuals who are ecstatic just to receive their AAS and not too discering on quality. I am talking about people with a head on their shoulders.

I still maintain that if you have good quality dbol, there is no confusion as to whether it is working or not.

For anyone following this thread I will note out of thoroughness that I feel much better after discontinuing this bogus dbol. My advice to those out there is to take a hit on a failed outcome instead of being stubborn and continuing to use inferior gear. It’s one thing to put added pressure on your liver when you are getting great enhancement. It’s completely another to torture yourself and not receive the desired effects in return. That is plain stupid since if it’s not what it is supposed to be, who knows what it is?