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Crap Workout Today, Also How Can I Warmup


It’s not though.


I think you should find a new hobby.


How long have you been fasting?!


I think that spitballing ideas at the problem and hoping something sticks is going to waste your time as well as the time of the people trying to help.

Hire a coach. Otherwise you’ll just spin your wheels and probably end up injured.


I’m only 16 though
I can’t afford a coach nor can I drive yet
I’m asking you guys for help
But some of you are just attacking me.

Should I reset my TM and eat more?


You are learning quickly what it’s like to grow up. Fix how you operate. Learn to take suggestions and think before you type. These guys wouldn’t be posting if they didn’t care.

If you can afford a coach or trainer or whatever, then pull out YouTube and find videos on how to do shit right. Start with light weights and video tape yourself. Get feedback… repeat… your to young to worry about heavy weight. Your still growing dude. Just enjoy the fitness aspect.


Thanks strongmangoals

I know what to do
Reset my TM And eat more
Sleep isn’t a problem I know when to go to bed.
I actually lost a few pounds too. At least everything else is going up, I actually made a bench pr today and deadlift sky rockets ohp going well too


75% of your TM “killed” you a month ago and you’ve since increased your TM, correct?

That makes no sense.


I didn’t warmup right
I did it cold


It was an exaggeration it felt hard for no reason


Set your TM as your 5RM and calculate the percentages off that. Not a sloppy 5RM either.


This right here tells me you’ve completely misread how the program works. There is no way the program as written would have you increasing your TM by the best part of 60lbs in a month.


It was :confused: 75%
Of the tm


I know how the program works
Dead bench and ohp are well

I just set it too high for squats

I did a crappy 225x5 on a garbage program
And I used that for some reason.
I was able to manage up until now
Without eating anything
So i’ll find the tm and add a plus set in because why not


Don’t worry guys
I won’t screw up this time


Here’s the thing. You don’t really wanna be helped. But best of luck anyway.


Found squat tm today And cleaned up my form.

Good bye good morning low bar squats
(Struggles of a long femured lifter)


I really got chewed out last time I helped you, so I really hope I don’t anger you with trying to help again (because it seems you’ve really progressed a lot since then), but what I do with the boys your age that I’ve started training, is Jim’s recommended formula for finding your max:

reps X weight lifted X 0.0333 + weight lifted = max

ex: 5 reps X 135lbs X 0.0333 + 135 = 155 (157.48)

So 155lbs is your max. 140lbs (139.5) is your TM. Take 20lbs off. Start at 120lbs. I’ve done that myself when I was first starting out, and I do it with all the guys I work with.

There’s no rush to progress, they can focus on form and bar speed, and they’re not too tired to do pushups or something in between sets or just have short rest times (since just being in good shape makes lifting a lot easier).

As far as a warmup, Jim says this suffices:

25 jumping jacks
10 squats
10 mountain climbers/leg
repeat for 3 rounds, no designated rest times. You don’t take time between movements, but neither do you sprint to get them done. Move at a good pace, and do them WELL.

Then, do 1-2 sets of 10 reps with the empty barbell, and do 5 reps at 40% of your TM, 5 reps at 50%, and 3 reps at 60%. Then do your working sets. (This came from the original 5/3/1 book if I remember correctly, not Forever 5/3/1.)


It doesn’t make any sense to me. His TM has gone up from around 235 to 260 in a month and a half (assuming 175 was 75% of his TM), but 175 “killed” him.

I’m guessing Beginner Prep doesn’t have you increase your lower body TM by 25-pounds in 6 weeks…