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Crap Workout Today, Also How Can I Warmup


Yeesh i see now


Until you are recovered.


Which shouldn’t be that long. This is submaximal training, especially running 5’s PRO.


Can’t think of a single reason

Are you an elite level strength athlete?


Thank you for all your input guys. I really appreciate it
Can’t wait to see what’s at the end of the tunnel
hopefully it’s past all the crap i failed on starting strength because
I’m very weak and it’s depressing me


Yo dont get depressed. That’s a bad workout habit. Sometimes you cant help it, but we ALL started out weak. We ALL had that one stubborn lift that doesnt go up, or keeps injuring you (still have mine at 26). Working out is 50% mental fortitude, arguably more when you first start out.

Fuck rest times. I’m running Coffinworm from 5/3/1 forever right now. I usually give myself no more than 90 seconds rest, until the final 1-3 rep set, which I’ll take an extended rest just to clear my mind. But push came to shove and i have about 35 minutes to lift, and I finished it, only rest times was loading the bar.

Yes you should rest, but dont over do it. My coach in high school blew the whistle every 30 seconds on a two man lifting group. If you weren’t under than bar, physically holding it when that whistle blew, you got kicked out of class. I never missed a lift then. I think you’ll be fine.

Tldr. Fuck rest times. Warm up, move the weight, rest only as long as it takes to catch your breath, do it all over again.


No that is not weird. You should do something like:
Week 1 - 35%x5, 45%x5, 55%x5
Week 2 - 40%x5, 50%x5, 60%x5
Week 3 - 45%x5, 55%x5, 65%x5


I failed squats (prep school)

My tm is 260
Should I lower it
If so to what.
Not mad
Must’ve set my tm too high from the beginning


I think you should find a new hobby.


I think no


The forever book is very clear on how to set your TM. Read that chapter again.

If you believe you followed the advice in there correctly ask yourself how has:

  • your nutrition
  • your sleep
  • your stress levels
  • your conditioning & mobility work

Also consider the bar speed in your previous sessions.

If you don’t have a log where you tick all these off each day, consider using one so you have data to inform your decision making.

Once you equip yourself with the tools to help yourself through this, it gets much more manageable.



You said 175 killed you on January 14th and a month later you’re using a TM of 260?


It was a part of a percent thingies


I don’t think i’m eating enough

I don’t know how much

4-6 meals a day
But how will I know i’m eating enough

Should I just shove 4000 in my mouth


I might’ve screwed the tm too cause I started out with 225. But I could barely keep good form doing that


I could do 225 for 5 at that point but it was kinda sloppy


I think i’ll repeat the cycle and eat


Stop it


I recommend you hire a coach to help you out. This seems too difficult for you to do on your own.


No that’s ok
I’m just overwhelmed by the options
I think i’ll do the 7th week protocol