Crap Workout Today, Also How Can I Warmup

Squats felt hard for no reason. 175 killed me
I think it’s cause I didn’t warmup
Stupid mistake
How do i warmup for beginner prep school. I got all sets tho but it felt like a grind
Is it supposed to feel like this for cycle 1 week 3

The thing was 175 was only the 75%
Weird right?

Obviously was because I wasn’t warmed up and I did it cold

If you’re running beginner prep school, I imagine you have the 5/3/1 Forever book.

Why not run the warm-up that Jim suggests in that book?

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I’m an idiot or i’m paranoid of not having enough time. Since i’m in highschool the weight room closes around 3:30 ish
I just want to make sure i have enough time to rest between sets. I didn’t even get to my assistance exercises. Also the last few sets of supplemental work felt easier since i took longer breaks. Basically not warming up must’ve screwed that up.

I shall do it next workout

Are you saying the first set you did was at 175lbs and that felt heavy or you did something like:

Set 1: bar x 10
Set 2: 70lbs x 10
Set 3: 90lbs x 8
Set 4: 110lbs x 8
Set 5: 135lbs x 5
Set 6: 175lbs x 5 (work begins)

But you didn’t do some crab walking with a hip circle first and that was what made your squat suck?

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I’ve always preferred to warm-up with the main lift and simply pyramid up to my first set. I’m a little older so I do a few more things first…, but when squatting, for example, I’ll start with the bar then move up in increments of 10 or 20 pounds w/ progressively less reps until my first set.

For example, say my first set for squats is 110kg I might do something like this:
Bar x 10
40kg x 8
60kg x 6
80kg x 4
100kg x 2
First set as planned

It doesn’t take very long.


Monday-Squat- 170x5 190x5 215x5

170x5 170x5 170x5 170x5 170x5

Bench- 115x5 130x5 145x5

115x5 115x5 115x5 115x5 115x5

This is what i did today
Just did the bar for like 5
Then 175 felt kinda shocking
(I accidentally did 175 5x5
Supposed to be 170)

This is pounds btw
Wish it was kg tho

Well yes. Yes, it would.

Do some warm up sets. I start at an empty bar and do sets of 5ish up to my starting weight, adding 10kg (22lbs) every time. Rest is however long it takes to change plates. When I was moving bigger weights, I’d use 20kg jumps.

How much rest do you need between sets? The way this is phrased makes me think you’re wasting a lot of time here.

3-4 minutes
I time it
I want to get everything done in an hour

It’s what i did previous workout

Worked out great and got everything done.

The entire lifting session is supposed to be done in an hour or so, depending on whether you need to wait for equipment or not.

You have 15-18 minutes to do 8 working sets, not including warm-up sets. You can’t really afford to rest anymore than a minute between each set.

Reduce the weight if you find the rest period too short.

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For what it’s worth, I do my warm up sets with no rest in between. Only rest in between my warm up sets is loading the bar. Then when I’m ready for my first work set I’ll rest 1 minute. Do my first set. Rest 2 mins and do my 2nd set and then for my plus set I’ll rest 2-3 minutes depending how I feel. Goes quick that way.

Something else I’ve done in a pinch. If I get to the gym late and don’t have time to do anything but the main lift, I’ll go home and do bodyweight work. Split squats and various exercises for legs. I figure it’s better than nothing and there are some pretty tough body weight exercises a person can do at home.

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That’s a lot of rest. I think we just found your warm up time.


Monday-Squat- 170x5 4 min 190x5 4 min 215x5 4min
170x5 3min 170x5 3min 170x5 3min 170x5 3min 170x5
Bench- 115x5 4min 130x5 4min 145x5 4min
115x5 3min 115x5 3min 115x5 3min 115x5 3min 115x5
48 min
warmups should only take a few

Then assistance circuits for the rest of the time

Is that good? I thought you had to rest 3-5 min for strength

A 60kg jump is going to be, as you put it, kinda shocking. Especially if that +60kg is going to put you close to 70% of your max.

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Do you not count the time it takes to actually do the reps? You have 24 min of rest in the squat, but how long does it take you to actually do the reps + the body-weight assistance?

If you’re flying through the reps then that’s a big issue.

You need 3-5 min rest if you’re going for maximal strength effort, which you are not doing in this program.

I assure you that if you go from deadlifting 600lbs for 8 reps to 800lbs for 8 reps while resting 2 minutes between sets, you will have gotten much stronger.

I thought this program was for strength training.
Why would i set myself for failure by not resting enough.
I don’t count time between reps
Just get them done

Can someone
How long am i supposed to rest between sets