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Crap! It Eventualy Happened.


Been using chalk now for about a year. I keep it in a sealed rubber maid container, with the lead secured usually between lifts.

Anyways... I was changing the plateson the bar. Tossed a plate aside and nailed the chalk container. And you guessed it. The lid wasn't on. #$%#$%@$% chalk dust all over the place. Luckily no one saw it.

I knew it was eventually gonna happen.


Well, that sucks, but at least nobody saw it.

I thought you were going to say that the gym finally told you not to bring it anymore.


Ya most gyms dont allow it so I thought for sure the story would end with you telling us you got in shyt!
I watched a clip and a guy kicked the chalk stand over! what a mess! big dust cloud!!


damn, I leave that much chalk everywhere even when I don't nock it over.

Anyone else here use a Surge container to keep their chalk? I was walking over to my container the other day and some guy asks me how I "like that stuff". I replied its great, opened it up, and chalked up right before continueing to snatch.


You actually made a whole thread on breaking your chalk container! What will we see next a thread that says " it finally i crapped myself"


I didn't break. I just tipped it over. hahhaahah

Yeah there is a sign in the gym that says no chalk allowed.
I'd like to see em stop me. I think when they see me load 45's on the bar and do over head squats and watch the bar slip and nail me, theyd change their mind.


I know it's not easy, but try to be calm about it.

Things happen in life that we just don't expect.

Hang in there bro....


I'm emotionally scarred for life!
I will need years of therapy!!!!!


Just slide on over to a different piece of equipment and feign ignorance...