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Crap Cycle

I’ve had 2 orders (different info) and 1.5 seizures. All I have is dbol and some old M1T. This is absolutely NOT the stack I had in mind but I’m tired of feeling paranoid and peeing money away. With that in mind, I’m considering 2wks on/3wks off of 10mg M1T & 40mg dbol daily. I’d be throwing in milk thistle for the liver. I’ll have to MacGuyver the serm with some over the counter crap like 6-OXO.

If anyone has a better OTC serm suggestion, let me know. I’m just really getting frustrated listening to all the success others are having. Is this cycle worth it or should I just keep sitting on a bottle of little pink paper weights until I get the nerve and cash to order again.

Just wait it out. Do more research and do a cycle worth while. M1Ts are garbage.

Keeping on searching till you find Mr Right. M1T is good for giving you explosive diarrhea IMO.