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Crap, Butt Came Off the Bench. Need Advice

Once I hit 215lbs. my butt comes off the bench. I don’t want my lift to not count at my first meet so I’d like to fix that b/c I could prob. get 235lbs. with a pause, but I don’t know how to keep the butt down.

Side note: I’m allowed to lift on toes in the federation I’m competing in.

For what it’s worth-

Your knees are above your hips, you’re either going to have to tuck further back or take your feet out in front of you and wide.

Really focus on squeezing your glutes from the get go and rotating your knees out through the hips.

You’re a bit loose, you should be so tight that if someone came by and poked your knees they would barely move.


Thx for the tip. W/ regard to knees higher than hips, does that mean it’s likely to pass at a meet?

This guy has it. My first thought was same as his comment about the knees higher than the hips. And to tuck the feet

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So my knees should be below my hips to start out and finish?

Yea you can do that by tucking your feet more

Awesome! I’m glad I posted that video. Hopefully I can still maintain a leg drive so my max doesn’t decrease.

Well itll make a bigger arch so cut the rom a bit. Might increase your max after some practise. I like to go flat foot and just put my feet out wide


The problem with the knees being higher than the hips is that it leads to butts coming off the bench.

IF you can keep the butt down it’s a perfectly legal lift regardless of your hip/knee placement.

More tuck = more arch possibly less leg drive.

Feet wider and further out can give you more leg drive but probably less of an arch. You just need to find what works for you.