Crap-a-Kidney Drop Sets for Growth

Gains stalled? Use this old-school intensity technique to jumpstart hypertrophy. Try not to die.

Drop sets have been around since the invention of the dumbbell. The concept is ridiculously simple but effective:

  1. Train to exhaustion, then immediately reduce the weight so you can do more reps.
  2. Continue until total failure, or until you crap a kidney.

Dumbbell exercises like lateral raises or biceps curls work exceptionally well with this method, as do exercises using a selectorized pulley such as triceps pressdowns. That said, barbell exercises also work if you have a partner to help you slide off the plates. Here are three more ways to do it:

Hack Squat Drop Sets

Incline Dumbbell Press Drop Set

Dumbbell Row Drop Set

How Much Weight Do You Drop?

A good rule of thumb is 20% of your work weight for a given set per drop. So if you’re using 200 pounds on an exercise for 8 reps, you’d drop the weight by 40 pounds, or 20 pounds per side. This should allow you to perform another 3-4 reps, depending on the exercise, your training age, and your muscle fiber make-up.

Use one high-intensity technique set on the last exercise you do for a body part. Any more would be too much.

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