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Cranberry Myoplex lite

Hello T-mag readers…just wanted to let you know that until the issue of packets/no packets of Grow! MRP is resolved (at least emotionally), we are having a special promotion of our brand new cranberry flavor Myoplex Lite!!! This is a special promotion for those that have a hard time during Thanksgiving…just pour your Cranberry Myoplex Lite on your lunch/dinner plate for a fantastic alternative to regular cranberry dishes! Here’s what you get: 25 grams of a new proprietary protein specially derived through a secret process from mature cranberries, if you didn’t know cranberries of all the fruits have the highest protein BV!! We’ve also added 4 grams of turkey fat for your essential fatty acid needs, and potato starch (15 grams) to take care of the carbs! Now, this was originally intended only for Body-for-Life Thanksgiving Success Coaches (we all get weak on the holidays, Big Time!), but for a limited time only, you too can order some Cranberry Myoplex lite! Now, due to limited supplies, we must put a ‘cap’ on the number of orders, so I’m restricting each order to only 20 boxes each! Hurry and call this toll free number (Dept.666) and have your credit card ready to speed processing! Also, please fill out your Turkey response field study to help us help YOU! Yours in Life…Bill

Ha-Ha-Ha…good 1

Damn you Phillips! I was just ready to launch my all new Cranberry Rx Fuel. Ah, what the hell, I usually just copy everyone else’s ideas anyway, why not one more?

Yours in jumping on every supplement bandwagon, flooding the market with garbage, and calling everything fuel, Steve Blechman

Oh no, not the Lamborghini!!! I like that car! Oh, sorry, wrong forum…uh, oh ya! Damn, this new cranberry flavored Myoplex lite really Stops Traffic! I used it on my way to Las Vegas! Even poured some over my abs (which are undoubtedly the best in the business) for some topical subcutaneous fat burning!

Please eat me … for the love of God… gobble gobble… stop this Body…gobble… for Life madness!

20 boxes!? Everyone knows you only need one box to see monster cranberry-esque gains! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go try this new routine I wrote in Ironman for training the stabilizer muscles around my uterus.

I used these special products when I was living in my tiny ONE ROOM APARTMENT! By placing tiny classified ads in BIll’s and Steve’s magazines I was able to make over 50 thousand dollars a month, just by placing tiny ads in these great magazines and eating turkey cran fuel! you can too, for only 3 easy payments of 99.99!